8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Nails From Breaking


Nails are such an important protective section of the most functional part of your body – your hands. If they keep breaking or worse, if the breaking is accompanied by any wounding or pain, then it takes away your focus on what you are doing and you rather end up distracted. Whether the sudden attention you are giving your nails are purely for vanity or also because you are worrying of any possible health reasons or implications, your reasons are valid, and this blog will help you get to know your nails better and why you keep breaking them.

Some Basic Information About Your Nails

Before anything else, some basic information about your nails, what it is, and what it’s made of which not many people, perhaps you included, have never come across with until now.

Your fingernails are made of keratin, the same outer covering which your hair is also made of. Your skin contains keratin too. Whether keratin is on your fingernails, hair or skin, they maintain the same role, and that is to function as the protective layer.

You will be surprised that your nail is made of several distinct parts. The ones you’ll be most familiar with are the nail plate and the cuticle. Nail plate is that part you get to cover with nail lacquer while cuticle is that bottom part of your nail that connects it to your skin. The white arc at the bottom of your nails is what is called the lunula. The skin covered by the nail plate is called the nail bed, while the skin around your nails are the nail folds.

The nail plates are made of dead cells that’s why you don’t feel any pain when you cut them. However, the lower end of your nails hidden underneath the skin which grows new nails is alive and therefore can sense pain.

Computer typing, texting or making use of your hands frequently for any chore causes nails to grow at a much faster rate.

Nails are designed to be strong and protective.

How not to Break Your Nails?

Not to Break Your Nails

There are certain bad habits that cause you to break your nails and, there are simple tips that you can practice to strengthen your nails and avoid ruining or even hurting them or the skin around them.

Tip No. 1: Use a pair of gloves. Not only will you be protecting your nails but also your skin from the harsh ingredients which many cleaners are made with and that will certainly leave your nails weaker and so more prone to breakage.

Tip No. 2: Deep moisturize your skin and nails overnight. Lather on a generous amount of pure shea butter or petroleum jelly. Wrap both hands in thick socks and sleep in it. This brings back the lost moisture to your nails and strengthens them. Of course, your skin also receives some much-needed pampering in the process too.

Tip No. 3: Read the labels on your nail lacquers and polish removers. Make sure that they are not already expired. For nail lacquers, stick to branded and reputable nail lacquer lines because so many bottles can be potentially fakes and therefore pose real safety risks. Polish removers are the same. Time to graduate from the acetone-based polish removers. These do you no good and leave your fingernails dry and chipped.

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Tip No. 4: Never keep your nail lacquers on for more than a week without taking them off. Nail lacquers are potentially one of the harshest beauty products around because of its ingredients. Always avoid toluene and formaldehyde in your lacquers. Sometimes harsh ingredients also react to nail polish by turning your nails yellowish. Let your nails breathe.

Harsh Ingredient in Nail Polish

Tip No. 5: Keep your hands and nails well-hydrated all the time. Keep a bottle of lotion in your dresser, in your office drawer, and a smaller, handier version for your purse. This way, you can keep your hands moisturized whenever, and wherever you are.

Tip No. 6: Keep your nails nicely shaped and filed. Avoid the pointed tips and go for square or oval shaped nail tips instead. Use a glass file for better precision and smoother, finer edges that won’t chip.

Tip No. 7: Never ever have to cut your cuticles. Cutting your cuticles means damaging younger nail. A little downward push will do. File along the tips and never in an upward and downward motion which is completely against the You may also want to brush your fingers during bath time.

Tip No. 8: Wear a base coat and a top coat. Protect your nails from the potentially damaging effects of nail lacquers by putting on a base coat first. Always finish up with a top coat to keep nails looking healthy and avoid dryness.

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Every part of our body that does not look normal nor has noticeably changed can be a sign of poor health or signify a medical condition that needs a special type of attention. It’s the same with your nails. If you notice any discoloration in your nails or think the breakage is happening so much more frequently that normal, have yourself checked by a physician.


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