9 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For your Loved Ones


With Christmas around the corner, most people start wondering about the gifts they will present to their loved ones. There are plenty of Christmas gift ideas, but they should suit the recipient’s needs and they should be worth receiving. There is no point of spending your hard earned cash buying Christmas gifts for those that count in your life. Presenting handmade Christmas presents is an amazing to save on your expenses while expressing that you care to that person who matters in your life this holiday season. Here are some 9 DIY Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones:

1. Write a Letter

Writing a letter to your loved ones this Christmas season is one of the most thoughtful ideas through which you can express your love and appreciation. It’s a great way to tell them why you care and demonstrate their true meaning in your life. Simply grab an attractive festive paper, take a pen and write from deep within your heart. Alternatively, write them a poem if you feel that you are creative enough to do it.

2. Prepare a Chalkboard

If you fancy chalkboard like most people do, making your own and presenting it to your loved ones is one of the best Christmas gift you can give during this holiday season. Chalkboards are suitable to be placed in the kitchen where people can write their grocery lists. They can be kept in the bedroom for your loved ones to draft their new year’s resolution and act as a reminder every time they go to sleep and wake up in the morning. Be creative when selecting the wooden frame and paint with an attractive color engraved in a pretty pattern or design.

3. Flower Belt

Flower Belt

Do you have loved ones who are fans of style and fashion? Issuing them with flower belts is a great way of expressing your passions for their sense of style. Preparing flower belts should be made really simple and uncomplicated. It’s very certain that they will be truly impressed with your handiwork as you present your gifts to be worn along with their new Christmas outfits. Doesn’t that sound something worth giving out?

4. Paracord Bracelets

If you are a woman in possession of an outgoing man, you should make a point of impressing him this festive season with a gift of paracord bracelet. Make it thick as well as chunky without being overbearing. And he will definitely use it some day if he finds himself in a tricky situation to help build a shelter.

5. Flavored Salts

You definitely have loved ones who enjoy spending a lot of their time in the kitchen. Perhaps one of the best DIY gifts for such people during this holiday season could be preparing a small collection of flavored salt. You can find plenty of recipes online to prepare flavored salts. It’s not surprising that you might get invited to enjoy a dinner with the loved ones you present these flavored salts to. Won’t that be a great moment to share a great moment with the people that count most in your life?

6. Offer Box Gift

Christmas can never be better if you fail to present special gift to your kids or grandchildren. Majority of kids don’t enjoy store-bought toys to feel loved or make them happy. Watch your kid on a Christmas morning and you will realize that they are more interested in a stream of colorful paper to tear and eat, let alone the boxes. Simply gather a bunch of differently sized cardboard boxes and make a cardboard city before Christmas. You will just be amazed to see how your kid will have fun with the boxes.

7. Capture a Family’s Fun Moment

Having your family captured when having fun is one of the greatest Christmas gift you can give this holiday season. You can purchase a session with a family photographer or volunteer if you are an expert in photography. Take your family out to a park in the afternoon and enjoy a few shots together. The photos will serve as a reminder of a day well spent with your family and every person will be looking forward to have such another moment.

8. Prepare a Favorite Dinner

Prepare a Favorite Dinner
Prepare a very nice meal, such as lasagna, soup or any other dinner and freeze it. You can present it to your loved one later on the Christmas day when they don’t feel like they are ready to prepare dinner. This works enormously for families with small kids.

9. Watch a Family Movie

Look for a favorite movie that you can watch together with your family and rent for them. Don’t forget to add some popcorn, juice or soda with a cozy blanket to snuggle under with every member of your family.


Giving your loved ones presents on Christmas holiday is one of the best ways to show that you in deed care for them. Don’t forget to appreciate whatever they will have to offer in return. You no longer have to give store-bought Christmas gifts as long as you can present DIY presents.


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