9 Nautical Inspired Clothes Every Women Must Have Or Should Wear


“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Those are the words of the inspirational designer who has kept the world curious about what’s next in his runways, Ralph Lauren. We tell you, he is the designer you should keep watching if you want to rock with the classic and timeless, nautical stripes.

Sea Of Dreams

“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” That’s how RL likes to put his art. If you want to wear nautical inspired clothes, therefore, you can’t just look at what the latest trends are because that’s not going to cut it. You do have to look within you to find that soft spot where you do feel in love with the ocean, and are passionate about everything that has to do with marine life and the sea.

The nautical stripes are so chic that one of today’s most watched supermodels, Gigi Hadid , herself couldn’t resist it. It was a major inspiration for the sailor inspired dresses that she designed for the hugely successful Tommy X Gigi collaboration which was launched late last year.

So, what is nautical style anyway? Here are the top elements:

1. The Nautical Stripes

The Nautical Stripes

Blues and reds contrasted with iridescent white at its purest, clearest form are the major hues. According to a historical account on the RL website, the navy blue and white stripes were first associated with French sailors. From then on, it earned a spot as a regular in summer fashion trends .

2. Marine-Inspired Prints

Nautical clothes - Marine-Inspired Prints

That could be a ship’s steering wheel, a banner or a flag of sorts, an anchor, a compass – get it? As for RL, well, the prints can be so much more defined yet, still chic.

3. Military Pants And Jackets

Military Pants And Jackets

These are defined by a contoured cut, and usually by shiny buttons, as well as striped details on the hems.

4. Nautical Style Accessories

Nautical Style Accessories for nautical themed dresses

It’s the boat shoes, the sailor’s hat, probably a bandanabut, most definitely, a pair of sunglasses .

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5. Chic Stance

Dressing up in navy-inspired stripes is never enough to pull off nautical themed dresses. You should play the part and wear sophistication out on your sleeves. This style comes with a certain flair and confidence.

9 Ways To Slay Nautical Fashion

We hear you. So, you can’t wait to get into the trend. Well, if you should get into nautical, you should put in just a little bit because those are timeless pieces, are pretty bits of fashion that you can wear even next season so a little bit of investment will be worth every penny.

Here are the 9 chicest ways to wear nautical fashion:

1. White Pants And a Striped Tee

Nautical Outfit - White Pants And a Striped Tee

It’s an easy, any day take on the sailor look. You can wear your top high collar style, and since it’s hot, a racer back will be great too. Pair with military style white pants with shiny button and striped hem details. Put on your boat shoes and a lady’s broad brimmed hat.

2. White Polo With Jeans

Nautical dresses - White Polo With Jeans

For this style, you can strike up the nautical fashion trend effect using your accessories. Wrap a printed navy blue neckerchief around your neck, and put on a broad brimmed hat or, a messenger’s cap with nautical elements.

3. Cropped Top And Skirt Pairing

Nautical Outfit - Cropped Top And Skirt Pairing

Check out the Tommy x Gigi collection. Get inspired by a similar outfit that was printed with a combination of vertical and horizontal stripes, in combinations of red, blue and yellow. It’s a cool way to catch some air to beat the intense heat.

4. Plain, Navy Blue Turtleneck Sweat Shirt

Nautical Outfit Clothing - Navy Blue Turtleneck Sweat Shirt

Pair it with your red and white striped bikinis. Complete the look with a pair of sunglasses that comes with a red frame. This is a must-have nautical inspired clothing.

5. Tube Top Nautical Stripes And a Sheer Pair Of White Pants

Nautical Stripes And a Sheer Pair Of White Pants outfit

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Be beach ready in this outfit while deliberately showing off your plain red or plain navy blue bikini bottoms underneath. Another alternative will be to use a sheer, long, white skirt with thigh-high slits cut upfront.

6. Plain White Tie-Knot Shirt And Plain, Pencil Cut, Navy Blue Denim Skirt With Slit

Nautical White Tie-Knot Shirt And Blue Denim Skirt dress

Again, you will need to play up your accessories to make this outfit unmistakably nautical. Use drop earrings with marine elements, put on a hat in nautical stripes or, use a bandana with anchor prints to keep your hair in place.

7. Flowy, Nautical Full-Length Dress

Nautical Full-Length Dress

Of course, you need to get wrapped and all warmed up for windy summer evenings too. Be choosy when it comes to this trend because the last thing that you want is for your nautical stripes to make you appear larger. So, make sure that the stripes flatter your figure

8. Navy Blue Overalls With Navy Striped Belt

Show off your sexy shoulders and well contoured collar bones by choosing an off-the-shoulder piece. Use a neckerchief with nautical details for emphasis.

9. High-Waist, Military-Inspired Shorts With Metallic Buttons And a Navy Blue Blazer

If you can’t wear the blazer due to the searing heat, you can use a sailor top or, a plain white tee with a nautical patch.

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Be chic. Be sleek. Be you. Remember to get into character and really act as if you’re off to a yacht where you and your friends will be sipping bubblies and toasting to the sunset.

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