9 Self Warming Products That Will Keep You Warm This Winter


So, how come people are all jumpy and excited for summer and spring but, always unhappy with the thought of winter as soon as the first snow flakes have settled to the ground? Perhaps it’s the chilly winds and the freezing weather? For beauty junkies, it’s probably because winter can be such a beauty bummer.

Winter can and does take a toll on your skin and hair. Imagine having your hair permed, straightened or treated and winter winds are ready more than ever to dry it out? Or, spoiling your skin in summer, you know, visiting the spa to get glowing skin only for winter to make it dull and lifeless once again? Heck, it’s hard enough just to put on makeup on a dry canvas and carry on with it all day (or night) and still feel confident that your makeup isn’t caking up or comfortable enough that your mascara hasn’t yet turned into stone. Otherwise simple things you invest in for the sake of beauty all seem to end up to waste in winter.

Don’t just give up the fight for a healthier hair and skin in winter. Just because you don’t have special powers to skip winter or pull in summer, that doesn’t mean you also don’t have the power to resist its toll on your hair and skin.

Keep your cool while keeping your hair and skin all warmed up and ready to beat the winter cold with self-heating products that are designed and formulated to keep your body’s natural heat in and moisture locked.

These 9 self-warming, self-heating products may be all you need to bring the cheer back to your winter mood. A word of caution for people with hyper sensitive skin or have special skin conditions like rosacea. Always consult with your physician first before trying out any of the products listed below as these can aggravate your skin condition.

1. Thermal Scrubs

Thermal Scrubs

Like it or not, dry skin will continue to be common in winter, and no amount of self-warming moisturizers can help you avoid that. What you can do to make it better is to give yourself a hot salt scrub right in the comfort of your own bathroom. Scrub away and eliminate those dead skin cells to prevent bacterial infection while also stimulating your skin to surface younger more moisturized skin.

2. Body Oils

Lotions are fine but, to ensure better skin penetration and significantly decrease moisture loss, switch to body oil. Body oils blend in and binds better with your skin thus, it more effectively supports skin moisturization, repair and rejuvenation.

3. Self-Heating Cleansers

Trade your foaming facial wash with a creamy one to aid your skin in retaining more moisture even after washing. In winter, it is specially important not to allow skin to be stripped away during washing.

4. Warming Masks

Luxuriate in the relaxing feel of having a warming mask steadily placed on your face for a good five minutes. The mask not only helps draw out your skin’s natural oils but also, stimulates blood and oxygen circulation in capillaries underneath your skin so that nourishment can reach all areas of your facial skin too.

5. Self-Warming Serum Moisturizer

Self-Warming Serum Moisturizer

Help your skin keep up with dropping temperatures by applying a self-warming moisturizer in serum formulation so that the formula can easily penetrate skin on contact.

6. Self-Warming Foot Scrub

Winter probably wouldn’t permit a visit to your local spa so just put your feet up with this product. Giving in to a foot scrub will help you treat your tired, swollen and cold feet.

7. Thermal Hair Wrap

Let natural oil from your scalp flow while pores open up to transport these to the hair cuticles. This provides the necessary moisture to keep your hair from drying in winter.

8. Hair Oil

Supplement the oil required by your scalp and hair to beat the cold weather with an all organic hair oil that naturally warms your scalp and helps prevent moisture loss.

9. Hot Oil

It’s instant hair treatment in a tube which instantly moisturizes every hairstrand, leaving your hair unbelievably shiny and bouncy in winter.

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With these self-warming products within your reach, you no longer have any excuse for missing the falling snow and enjoying the season, no matter how low the temperature drops below zero!


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