9 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Secrets That May Shock You


Celebrities will never cease to amaze with some of the craziest routines behind their beautiful outlooks. They not only primp for the red carpet, but also when dating or making special public appearances. Some celebs take it too extreme by using weird makeup tricks to awe their fans and admirers. In an effort to find out why celebrities always look stunning, we carried out a research identifying the tricks that have scientific backing, and which are just but weird.

1. Lip Balm around Eyes

Miranda Kerr uses her lip balm as a shimmery to highlight around her eyes. According to makeup artist Stefanie Syat, lip balm works because it sticks as a natural product unlike a lip gloss which often clogs the pores and feels sticky. Dabbing some plain lip balm on the corner of your eyes will do some magic to make you look stunning for the better part of the day.

2. Beer for Strands

Catherine Zeta Jones

Beer can wreak havoc for your skin but not for Catherine Zeta who douses her hair in beer. In reference to Amy Mrkurmic, a senior colorist who works in Oscar Blondi salon in New York City, alcohol gets rid of every build up that sits on the surface of your hair. If you would like to try it, first shampoo your hair, use a towel to dry it and then massage using a cupful of beer. Cover your strands using a plastic and wait for five minutes before rinsing with water. Even the cheap beer works, so you don’t have to use the mysterious cans in your home bar.

3. Kitty Litter For Exfoliating

Snooki uses kitty litter to exfoliate. However, Lezandra Berchik, a beauty expert based at Bliss Spa in Los Angeles cautions about using kitty litter to exfoliate because the particles are much larger than what most skin care products contain. These particles can cause micro scratches leading to inflammation or scarring. In addition, kitty litter contains silica which dehydrates the skin. Berchik recommends the use of plain baking powder mixed with plain water or a mild cleanser to unclog pores without causing irritation.

4. Avocado Conditioning

Avocado Conditioning

It’s not surprising why avocado is a key ingredient in most hair products. Denise Richards doesn’t only eat avocados. She also smears it on her hair for deep conditioning. According to Mrkurmic, who also uses avocados, you can make this natural conditioner even more effective by adding a tablespoon of olive oil. Smear it on your strands without touching the scalp for a silky look.

5. Toothpaste For Zits

Some celebrities have tried everything to enhance their look. Jennifer Love Hewitt uses toothpaste to calm her zits. However, Berchik says this doesn’t work despite the hype. Toothpaste can make blemishes worse as it contain abrasive ingredients like calcium carbonate that only dries blemishes to look better without eliminating bacteria. In addition, toothpaste contains detergents and flavors that can cause irritation on your skin. Berchik recommends benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid for treating blemishes because they have been tested and found to be effective.

6. Tape For Removing Eye Makeup

Lady Gaga always carry tapes in her purse to get rid of eye makeup. However, Syat says tapes should be used with caution because glitter can be very hard to remove. She recommends fabric tape as it is gentle on your skin. However, stick to makeup remover if you have a very sensitive skin because tapes can cause redness.

7. Ketchup For Fixing Color Flaws

Sienna Miller

Despite the stunning hair Sienna Miller has, Mrkurnic doesn’t recommend ketchup for fixing hair color flaws. Miller said she used ketchup to soak her hair when she accidentally messed with her blonde strands. Mrkurnic says henna is a stain that can hardly be gotten rid of. Instead, she recommends that color corrections are best carried out in the salon, or rubbing with alcohol and mineral oil.

8. Cinnamon For Pout Plumping

Cinnamon is the secret behind Lisa Rinna plumped pout. But Patrice Evangeline, a makeup artist based in New York City, says cinnamon should be cautiously added to a lip gloss to enhance the appearance of lips. While this trick may not give you puffed up lips, makeup artists says you should first do a patch test to avoid any adverse side effects.

9. Red Wine For Skin Softening

Terry Hatcher takes red wine to her bath tub to make her skin soft. Although wine contains an alpha hydroxyl agent and tartaric acid that are effective in exfoliation, Berchik warns that it can cause irritation and minor scratches on your skin. Plus, it can take several bottles before you get the desired results, far beyond what it can cost you to buy the right products for softening your skin.


Celebrities will take everything at their scope to enhance their looks. Not all their portions will go down well with your skin. Some of these celebrity weirdest beauty secrets can do more harm than good for your skin. Contact a dermatologist if you have a skin problem that bothers you instead of trying some of these craziest tricks!

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