A Complete Guide on Exfoliation


Skin care is very important for every person who values general beauty and has self value. Skin requires much more attention that most of us give it. Cleanliness is necessary to every beauty but it is more sensitive when it comes to the skin beauty. Accumulation of dirt on the skin surface of the skin can result to the clogging of the skin pores which can result to occurrence of acne. Ensuring daily cleaning of your skin ensures that the pores are open and ensures maximum flow of oxygen within the skin cells. This ensures the skin remains healthy and young for a long time. This is just one of the ways but one of the currently used ways in addition to cleaning is exfoliation. Exfoliation enables one to get rid of the dead skin cells which in turn pave way for creation of new cells which ensure continuity of skin health. Too much of something is poisonous and so is exfoliation.

1. Dangers Of Too Much Exfoliation

In as much as exfoliation is very essential for skin care especially for those skins that are very prone acne excess can harm. It is a good way of unclogging the pores which will reduces the chances of pimples unless it is hormonal. As we all know exfoliation involves removal of the dead cells but when too much of it is done you might end up removing those that are still alive and strong. Under normal circumstance regeneration of new skin cells takes more time so when you remove excess skin cells you are sure of running short of skin cells. This may in turn result to premature aging of the skin and general exfoliation lowers the lifespan of a cell as you expose the cells to too much environmental factors. Therefore the more you exfoliate is the more the skin will demand exfoliation. This way the skin becomes very vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infection which is never anyone’s wish.

In addition, too much exfoliation causes strain to the skin cells resulting to inflammation. This will even add more dark patches on your skin than reducing which is its main aim. I would say exfoliation is very good for your skin only when it is minimal. There are some permanent effects such as totally changing of the skin color especially if you have been using strong chemicals for exfoliation.

2. How Do You Know You Are Over Exfoliating?

Sometimes we might overdo things without our knowledge and that is why it is very essential for us to know its signs. An over exfoliated skin always irritates, reddens and it becomes totally dry. You might also realize that the skin is so sensitive to some things that didn’t have any effect before.
Above all, might be very shiny, translucent and tight such that if you were to exert some pressure it would crack painfully.

3. Precautions When Exfoliating

Exfoliating Precautions

I know you might be asking yourself, “how much is over exfoliation?” well; I may not have a perfect answer for this because the much depend on other factors which include;

1. How Thick The Skin
Thickness of the skin may vary depending on the people’s lifestyle but this is not the major factor. The one sure one is the age. The more someone ages the thinner the skin and also those people who have dark skin tend to have thicker skin. A thicker skin can be exfoliated for a good number of times without experiencing the impacts of over-exfoliation but the most recommended is at most thrice a week.

2. Chemicals Used For Exfoliation
Under normal circumstance, there are chemicals that are strong and those that are not very strong. In simple terms, there is no time extremes will miss in anything. The lower the ph the stronger it is. Therefore if you are using strong chemical such as low ph peel exfoliation should be minimized and vice versa.

3. Skin Health
When the skin is in a very bad condition such as clogged pores, oily and maybe too much occurrence of acne, frequent exfoliation may help open the pores and improve the physical appearance of the skin. It will also make the skin softer since it will get rid of excess dead cells which cause roughness. For a clean, healthy skin minimal exfoliation like once in a week is enough to maintain it.


I know you have been thinking that the more you exfoliate is the more you make your skin beautiful. This might be true only if your skin is in a very extremely bad condition. However if you have a fairly normal skin there is no need of too much exfoliation because you might be causing more harm than assistance to your skin.


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