A Professional Way Of Applying Makeup


Only hand full women in the whole world are really beautiful. Not every one is really so beautiful to attract everyone. But in the world of fashion we have many techniques that help us not only look beautiful but also look stunning.

Mineral makeup has been always suggested to be the best option. It creates a barrier that protects your skin from getting exposed to pollution. At the same time it also allows your skin to breath without any disturbance.

If you like to use eye shadow, try to apply more than one color. Many a times it can also be used as an eye liner. Always use a foundation before you start your makeup. Apply a foundation with the help of your fingers and spread it with the help of a sponge. Do not make a mistake of applying your lipstick without using a lip brush. Always apply lipstick with the help of lip brush.

Very few women are actually beautiful. But it is also found that many women who are not actually beautiful still look very attractive. This is because they carry themselves in such a way that they look very smart and attractive.

Applying Your Makeup in a Wright Way

– Avoid applying black or white color.

– Pink is the color of beauties and it represents beautiful girls. Even it suits almost all skin types. So use pink lipstick. You can also apply some gloss if you want and get a sexier look.

– You can also apply a light shade over the lids and use comparatively dark shade on the upper and outer lid.

– Use a normal brush neither too soft nor too hard.

– Always apply a lip liner. This gives a complete gorgeous look.

– Also your hair should complement your skin and beauty. You can color your hair to get a different look. But remember never us contrast colors. If you have dark hairs use dark shades and if your hair are light use lighter shades.

– Always do regular touchups to look fresh all the time.

– Use a powder blush if you have oily skin.

– Always use natural color, they look good and make you look prettier. Do not use dark shades.
– Remove your makeup before you go to bed. Never go to sleep without removing your makeup.

Applying your Blush

You can also apply a natural shade of blush on your cheeks. Then sweep it till your hair line. This will bring a glow to your face.

These are few basic points one must remember before applying your make up. Try all these tips and help yourself look gorgeous, stunning and most attractive.


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