A Rainbow Nail Art Design That’s Perfect for Beginners


Nail art design has been one of the essential ways of enhancing beauty in most women. Several art designs have been established to promote beauty and at the moment rainbow nail art design is one of the most sought after design. Rainbow nail art design refers to the creative means of decorating fingernails and toenails. It is also considered as a fashionable activity that entails the use of several rainbow colors to enhance beauty. Examples of this rainbow art designs can be found in different works of art, magazines and scenes of motion pictures. Creation of this design involves talent or knowledge in craftsmanship. Most of these craftsmen need nail art tips such as using a tape and scissors to obtain a jagged edge look, making the tape part of your nail, making tiny polka dots and use of matte polish. The following are some of the rainbow nails art designs that are beneficial to all women particularly the beginners.

Human Hair Nails Art Design

Human hairs nail art design has been classified as one of the easiest nail art for all beginners. It has been made possible by the usage of all rainbow hues to bring out an outlook that resembles a woman’s hair. Results show that this design is an extraordinary outline of both toenails and finger nails. It involves the use of the different rainbow colors, acetone and a nail art brush. To achieve an excellent design use polishes such as Joe fresh mallard, corrupt colors snow me White, OPI short stop, Revlon color stay gel envy wild card, sally Hansen lickety split lime and Avon viva pink. Start by applying a plain white base on the nail, using a nail craftsman brush make bended lines of shading on the fingernails or toe nails. Alternate the lines by occasionally dipping the brush in acetone solution. Thereafter, shine the nails to make them more translucent. To enable simplicity of your work, ensure you use one color at once and draw lines on all nails then exchange the colors. After completing the last shade, let your outline dry for few minutes then apply a topcoat to prolong the life of this art of work.

Rainbow Polka Dot Nails

Rainbow Polka Dot Nails

Lately polka dot pattern has been one of the trendy rainbow nail art designs. These dots on nails resemble those cute dots found on clothes and other accessories. Application of these dots on nails has been based on the different rainbow colors. The various cute and easy polka dot nail art designs include blue and white polka dot, violet and white polka dot, indigo polka dot and mismatched rainbow colors polka dot design. The several polka dot ways provides women with a lot of options on which polka dot design to choose from.

Cloud ‘French’ Manicure with Rainbow Accent

It is the best type of rainbow nail art design for beginners willing to improve the appearance of the nail tips. It involves the use of the rainbow French flag. The most important thing about this nail art is that it requires a freehand nail art brush and nail art tips to provide a cute and colorful nail tips. To obtain this type of nail art, first paint any neutral color as the base coating and leave it to dry completely. Cut a small section of a scotch tape to form a semi-circle shape that resembles a nail tip. Apply the scotch tape on the nail leaving a small a section of the nail tip exposed. Repeat these steps on the other fingers in both hands. Thereafter, paint all your nail tips with every color of the rainbow. After complete painting peel off the tape and apply a top coat when the tips are dry.

Glittery Rainbows and Puffy Clouds

For beginners who are a fan of rainbow colors, glittery rainbows and puffy clouds can be of great help in enhancing beauty. It is a nail art that is easy to paint and appears cute with no crazy appearances. The type of nail art design involves a design of white clouds engulfed in a clear blue sky. To obtain this nail art design use tools like a bottle of nail polish remover, nail file, cotton balls, toothpick and cuticle pusher. Use the nail polish remover to remove any dirt or polish, do a base coating on the nails and apply two coatings of razzleberry which is a nice shade of blue. Next, use the white nail art polish and start the outline of the cloud until you get a shape and size of your choice. Fill the rest of the cloud with white then apply the black polish to outline the cloud. Repeat on the other hand using different shapes and sizes.


Other rainbow nail art designs

Other rainbow nail art designs include: caught up in the cloud, love wins, neon’s, rainbow tiger and glittering gel. All of these designs can be achieved by use of rainbow nail art, nail art tips, nail art brush and several nail art polish. Some of these nail art polishes include summer nail polish such as miracle gel, Nars, O.P.I nail lacquer, Illamasqua and CND Vinylux. All these nail polishes are available globally thus it requires an individual’s effort to practice these types of rainbow nail art designs.


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