About Lip Plumping Devices


Although the type of lip plumping products runs the gamut, chances are pretty good that you have only heard about lip plumping lipsticks, creams, or lip injections. These product help you obtain fuller, lusher looking lips in a variety of ways. This includes stimulating growth using an irritant like capsicum or injecting biocompatible material directly into the lips. However, there is another type of product on the market that is designed to increase the size and fullness of lips and that is a lip plumping machine. Here is some information on what these devices are and how they help you achieve the full lips you desire.

A lip plumping machine is a device that physically manipulates the lips in order to increase their size. The most common type of lip plumping device uses vacuum suction to pull fluid to the lips, which increases their size. However, there are other lip pumping devices that massage the lips to enlarge them. Typically, the devices are placed directly on the lips for a few minutes each day. Sometimes they are paired with creams or oils to enhance the lip plumping effect of the massage or vacuum, to seal in moisture, and treat fine lines around the mouth.

Like most other lip plumping products, the effects are temporary. In order to maintain the fullness of your lips, you must use the product on a regular basis. Additionally, you have to be careful when using lip plumping machines because it is all too easy to damage your lips using them. If the lip plumping device is not fitted correctly or you leave it on too long, you could cause bruising or damage the nerves in the lips. What good is having full lips if you can’t feel anything when you kiss the person you love with them?

Lip plumping devices can be purchased in a myriad of places including at online retailers and your local department stores. It is important to thoroughly research the lip plumping device before making a purchase. Not only do you want to make sure it will do what it says it does, you need to be certain the lip plumping device won’t cause irreparable harm to your lips. Do a search online for the device and the manufacturer and see what other customers have said about the product. When you find a good lip plumping product you like, always use as directed to prevent injury.


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