Achieving A Celebrity Makeup Look That Fits Your Budget


Did you know that regardless of the budget range that you have decided to spend on item, you can actually pull off a celebrity makeup look? Let us illustrate this to you.

Capitalism holds the supreme power in America. So there is no way that banks accounts will be created equally. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure. You can pull of a celebrity makeup look with as little as $5. Life isn’t that unfair after all huh?

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It seems that in an average woman’s lifetime, approximately $15,000 will be used will be used on makeup. This means in a year, a woman will spend around $216 on makeup as was found out by a study conducted in March 2010 by Superdrug. The amount of many that is spent on beauty varies clearly showing that women have different ideas on the things that are worth overindulging on and those that are better off bought cheaply.

A lot of women will have their price points mixed and matched. For instance, there are those that will prefer to pamper up in mega luxurious foundations, yet, they will want their eyeliner to match up the price of a cup of coffee. On the other hand, there are others that will prefer buying purely luxurious items. Regardless of the amount of money that you are willing to spend on beauty products or makeup, the same look can still be achieved regardless f the budget.

We will give you a proof of how easy it is to get Whitney Port’s daytime look. This celebrity look can be easily and fully achieved by those who solely shop over the beauty counters and in drugstore aisles. The good thing is that if you feel predisposed to mix and match luxurious products and budget-friendly ones,you can easily do so.

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A Whitney Port Day Makeup Look

Whitney’s glowing skin, glossy lips and apricot cheeks not only look beautiful, but clean as well. It is the perfect look to opt for when going for a weekend outing or to the office.

We will outline High, Mid and Low products that you can utilize to get this look.

High Range Budget

Use the $40 Radiant Touch (Beauty Touche Eclat) by Yves St. Laurent under eye circles or imperfections to conceal them.
Choose the $45 Luster Face Palette from Fresh Satin to highlight the brow bones, the nose bridge and cheekbones.

Mid Range Budget

The $20 Pinch my Petals brightening blush from Too Faced will give you a sculpted look when applied on and/or under the cheekbones.

The $18 color brown 23 from the Make Up Forever Flash Company can be used on the eyelids as well as along the bottom lash-lines.

Low Range Budget

Applying the $9.60 the Soft & Sheer Boot No.7 Tinted Moisturizer all over the face will even out the skin tone.

The $4.49 Santa Rose London blush by Rimmel will give you a sculpted look when applied on and/or under the cheekbones

Highlight the brow bones, the bridge of the nose and cheekbones by using the $1 E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip

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