Advantages of Plump Lip Gloss Over Botox


Lip Plump Lip GlossSo you are not satisfied with your lips? Perhaps you’re thinking about getting a Botox injection so you can finally have luscious and fuller lips as soon as possible, aren’t you? Of course, plump lips are to die for! But just between you and me, forget scary injection for the moment because a high-quality plump lip gloss might be enough to soothe your ‘thin lips’ dilemma.

Knowing More about Botox

Botox is a purified protein named after the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It has been used successfully for years as treatment of uncontrollable muscle spasms and other medical conditions. But this “miracle” toxin can also be used as cosmetic treatment, a quick fix to wrinkles, fine lines and visible Lip plumper is one of the most in demand beauty products that can enhance the beauty of every woman. So what are its advantages over Botox? Read on.

Plump lip gloss offers temporary results so you have to apply it throughout the day to retain your plump and pouty lips. Depending on the type and brand of lip plumper, you must follow the proper way of applying it. Now, how does lip plumper work? Simple. Plump lip gloss contains an active ingredient, camphor or menthol. This causes the swelling of the lips as it “irritates” its thin skin. The irritation is not a bad thing or a harmful side effect but a quick fix to thin lips.

Cinnamon and amino acids as ingredients aid in stimulating the collagen, while Vitamin B6 is responsible for increasing the circulation in the lip area due to its tingling effect. With these in mind, plump lip gloss is obviously less expensive than regular Botox injections. It does not deal with muscle paralysis so you don’t have to fret about dramatic side effects. It is easy to apply, easy to use and can be purchased from your local beauty store.

Friendly Precautions

Beauty products promote “miracle cure” for beauty flaws so expect their ads to include the most promising words and all the superlatives—“the best” or the “most effective”. But the truth is that not all brands of plump lip gloss are created equal. Pick the brand that is reputable. Read reliable and unbiased product reviews before purchasing. Price is not the basis for quality. There are brands having exaggerated price tag but can leave you hoping for nothing. Read the labels and ingredients and make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Lastly, stop looking for costly and high risk lip enhancing options when you can settle for a plump lip gloss that can work wonders!


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