Amber Rose’s Heart Still Beats For Wiz Khalifa


Believe it or not, Amber Rose spilled her heart out to Wiz Khalifa in her new Instagram post in which she referred to him as her ‘Man Crush Everyday’. She also revealed that she secretly hopes they would get back together!
On April 2nd, Amber Rose posted a photo of her kissing Wiz Khalifa. She admitted she’s not happy without Wiz Khalifa and that her heart beats for him “every single day”. Wow!

Along With The Photo Amber Rose Posted This Caption

“My #ManCrushEveryday you know what it is…. We went wrong somewhere and even if we never ever get back together ( Even tho I pray, dream and hope we do) he will forever be the love of my life. The media doesn’t make it easy but fuck them we gotta live for reality and not society. We forever have a bond because we made a beautiful baby from our Love. Through all the ups and downs of our relationship my heart still beats for him every single day. I’m sick of putting on a front like I’m happy without him. I’m not.”

This could be the sweetest caption ever. No one knew Amber Rose felt this way and we now hope to see the two get back together.

Amber Rose went ahead to say that Wiz makes herhappy, and that he is the only one who can make her happy regardless of how their lives turn out.

Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa’s Divorce

Amber and Wiz started dating in 2011 and tied the knot in 2013. Unfortunately, they decided to get a divorce just a year after tying the knot.

Amber Rose

The couple has one child called Sebastian Taylor Thomaz who was born in February 2013. Amber said Sebastian Taylor Thomaz is the bond that will tie her and Wiz forever.

At the time of divorce, Amber Rose cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. The paperwork also showed that Amber wanted full legal and physical custody of Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, and would allow Wiz to visit.

Love That Never Dies

It is strange that just a few months after divorce, Amber Rose posted a photo of she, Wiz and their son on their wedding day with a caption that read, “Today was the day we said our vows before God and our Family. I knew as soon as I met u, u were the one for me sweetheart. Happy one year anniversary mistercap and many more to come?”

Love That Never Dies

Do you think Amber and Wiz are going to get back together?

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