Amber Rose’s Another Set of Scandalous Photos Hit the Net

By Rachel Barton
Amber RoseAmber Rose

New explicit pictures of Amber Rose have hit the internet agian after June,at a time when it was really un-called for! Amber Rose who is currently dating hip-hopper Wiz Khalifa,and recent announcement of getting married and wanting to have kids with him. Amber Rose was previously dating Kanye West. Rumor mills in the internet are abuzz claiming that the pictures were meant for Safaree Samuel, Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend.

Amber RoseAmber Rose

Its also speculated by a ertain section of media that she exposed the pictures herself to hog limelight. Amber Rose told media that she knew that the scandal images were being fixed to hit on the internet. She explained that the images were definitely thieved by a previous staff. Rose also asserted she was distressed that she had trusted someone only to have them rob and then leak the compromised images.

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