American Horror Story: Hotel Casts Max Greenfield and Lady Gaga


Max Greenfield officially joins Ryan Murphy’s hit FX show American Horror Story: Hotel. The fifth season of the franchise will also have Lady Gaga.

Murphy, the show’s executive producer, tweeted that Max Greenfield will be “checking in to the hotel,” but the star won’t be checking out. He even said in his tweet that the fans will see the New Girl star “like you’ve never seen her before.” He promises a very different performance from the young actor. This may mean that he will be staying in the show or the “Hotel” permanently. It is not yet official, however, whether Greenfield would be a mainstay. It might be like comedian Eric Stonestreet in the first American Horror Story.

The 13-episode season will commence filming this summer in Los Angeles and will be aired on October.

Greenfield, 34, is the star of the popular FOX sitcom New Girl as Schmidt. He also stars in The Mindy Project, a comedy aired in the same network, but will be in Hulu for its next season.

Lady Gaga Joins the Cast as a New Comer

Lady Gaga, 29, joins the Greenfield along with other newbies such as Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer and Wes Bentley. Meanwhile, some of the returning stars include, Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson.

Lady Gaga is famous for her outrageous fashion, which she changes so drastically. This time, she dyed her hair back to platinum blonde, just to fit for her part in the show. She even chronicled the dying process in her Instagram. Wes Bentley was revealed to be part of the cast, but Jessica Lange announced her departure from the series.

Lady Gaga Joins the Cast as a New Comer

Most of the stars in the AHS were thrilled to have the Grammy winner in the show. Sarah Paulson said, “What could be better?”

“Lady Gaga couldn’t be more theatrical… I think nobody does it better than Lady Gaga. She’ll fit right in.” She added. There are no official reports, however, whether or not Gaga and Paulson would be in the same scene.

Kathy Bates is also very excited to have Gaga in the crew. She said, “I’m a big fan of hers, my jaw dropped when I saw her in the Oscars.”

More about American Horror Story

The latest installment of the anthology will definitely reinvent the show. Every season, the show changes place and time period. Now it will be in Los Angeles. It will probably take place in modern day America.

There were fan speculations that the fifth season will take place in space. But Murphy dismissed this theory, saying it would be an unusual reinvention. Murphy even said in the past that the Top Hat was a bug season five clue, especially the one that popped up on the coffee cups and dinner menus of the Freak Show.

There were even speculations that the fifth season would be musical, especially with Lady Gaga and the absence of Glee.

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