Angelina Jolie’s Dad Jon Voight Comments On Her Mastectomy


Jolie had rocky relationship with her father Jon Voight over the years; but they patched up in 2010. Voight didn’t know about mastectomy of her daughter until she revealed it to public. Now that he came to know about it; he had words of praise for Jolie and absolutely respects her decision.

Angelina Jolie With Her father Jon Voight

Jon said he was quite surprised to find out the news online despite having met the actress couple of days ago. She came with her Pitt to celebrate her brother Jamie’s birthday. Yet his father could not identify what her daughter had been going through all of these months. He found out this news along with the rest of the world and respected his daughter’s decision to keep him in dark about the double mastectomy.

She is really an extraordinary person with the way she examined and shared with people to create awareness. After knowing about the truth, Jon, 74 spoke with Angie and she explained the procedure to him.

Voight told the New York Daily News that he cannot describe love and admiration for his daughter and was deeply moved by the way she handled it.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The decision to undergo mastectomy was revealed by Angelina in an op-ed in New York Times. She is happy to tell her children they need not worry to lose her to breast cancer. Her mother actress Marcheline Bertrand succumbed to ovarian cancer. Both were so close to each other that Jolie struggled to cope up with her loss.

The actress kept demanding international work schedule between her surgeries spoke about her surgeries hoping that other women can benefit from her experience.

Pitt hailed with whom she has three biological and three adopted children her decision as heroic. Brad Pitt’s mother Jane also gave statement that she’s proud of Angie and they love her dearly.

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