Anna Kendrick Reveals She Was ”Drunk” During Marie Claire Interview


Anna Kendrick admitted in a tweet on Monday that she was drunk during her interview as the Marie Claire magazine’s cover, which is perhaps the reason for her incredible come back on haters who criticize her looks.

The petite actress stars in the new fantasy movie “Into The Woods” and made it in the cover of the Marie Clair magazine December issue. It seems like she has everything going great for her.

The star also has an unbelievably retweetable Twitter account, which means she is very lovable, aside from being lovely. But despite all these traits, the 29-years-old still has a number of haters. There are a lot of people who criticize her for how she looks. Apparently, not everyone can see how gorgeous the star is.

Anna kendrick

Haters Think Kendrick Is Not Pretty

She talks about how she handles these haters in her interview with Marie Claire. She said the most common hate statement she gets is, “Am I the only one who doesn’t think that Anna Kendrick is pretty?”

And her come back is just awesome. She joked, “arguably, all of the boys in my high school agree with you,” if you don’t find her pretty.

Anna Kendrick had encountered criticisms about the way she looks before. Back in August, she told Glamour magazine that she doesn’t rely on her looks to develop her career.

She said her appearance has never been her “moneymaker.” She is fine being small and being all the things she is, said Kendrick. And she doesn’t want to be on the top of the “Most Beautiful” lists, because it would be very stressful.


Kenrisk made Dick Jokes About the Marie Claire Cover

Her admission about how she handles haters criticising her look is making the headlines, because most people just couldn’t believe that anyone could think she is unattractive.

But the typical Anna Kendrick just won’t easily get fazed by these reports. Instead, she made dick jokes about the magazine’s cover.

The magazine’s cover had a featured article titled “Female Viagra, Why Are We Still Waiting For It?” She tweeted an image of the cover, encircling the title, with an arrow pointed at her. The tweet says, “Cause we haven’t grown dicks yet?”

kendrick zoom

How awesome is that?

Kendrick as Cinderella

In her interview with Marie Claire, she Anna Kendrick also discussed her new role as Cinderella in the new movie Into The Woods.

She said her character in the fairy tale move is thoughtful and complicated.

She believes it is an “incredibly brave story.” The story is about her Cinderella was neglected and abused all her life. Later on, she finds a different kind of love and manages to stand up for herself.

She even twitted a funny image from the Disney film where the prince stops Cinderella from leaving, saying “you can’t go now, it’s only midnight.” The next image shows Cinderella saying, “Let’s get one thing straight, I can do whatever the f*** I want.” She writes “inspiration” below this tweeted image.


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