Anne Hathaway Gets Married!


Anne Hathaway recently got married to her boyfriend of four years Adam Shulman. They have been engaged since November of last year which is a total of about 10 months. She’s 29 and he’s two years older at 31. They were married in beautiful Big Sur on the scenic California coast.

The wedding celebration was a weekend event wherein over 180 guests were invited. The rehearsal dinner was held at the Ventana Inn and Spa but the ceremony was in a secured private estate in the area. Valentino confirmed that he created a custom gown for the Princess Diaries actress. The news that Anne Hathaway gets married is one of the biggest celebrity related news in recent months.

Nature Theme

Anne Hathaway Gets Married!

The wedding planner of the event is allegedly the same one that Natalie Portman hired for her wedding. The wedding décor theme was nature wherein many branches were utilized to prepare the ceremony and reception and make it blend with the scenic Big Sur surrounding. This is according to several sources that were lucky enough to see the place. Anne Hathaway is starring in the upcoming Les Misérables which will be released soon.

According to the actress, she wanted to take a little time alone after her last relationship but she fell in love just like a fool. The engagement party was held in New York sometime in February this year with more than 125 friends and family from both sides. Since that time, the media had been on the lookout preparing for to release the Anne Hathaway gets married news first.

‘Normal’ People

When asked what makes the couple work, Hathaway said that it is their enjoyment of a normal and low-key lifestyle. The couple usually holds house parties and dinner parties hanging out with family and friends. The Dark Knight star stated that her actor-turned-jewelry designer husband gives her so much joy with his presence and is all the things she wants a partner to be.

Although the couple thinks they are just ‘normal’ people, the location of the nuptials was kept secret even from the 180 guests who had to wear special bracelets just to gain access to the buses that took them to the secret location. The wedding had both a DJ and a jazz band.

Hathaway’s Last Relationship

Everyone knows about the one-time Oscar nominee’s last relationship with Raffaello Follieri. It was one of the biggest news of the time since Follieri pleaded guilty to several counts of conspiracy, money laundering and wire fraud. Since then, Follieri was deported from the United States after his imprisonment.

In a recent interview, Hathaway’s infamous ex said that he planned to marry the actress before their breakup and the news that Anne Hathaway gets married stunned him. He even claimed that they talked a lot about marriage and spending the rest of their lives with each other.


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