Anti-aging Therapy with Bio-identical Hormones


Anti-aging TherapyToday, you can find a lot of anti-aging therapy being offered in the market today. One of these includes Bio-identical Hormones Replacement therapy which is also called natural hormone therapy. It is considered as an alternative medicine to delay aging. BHRT is one of the treatments used to lessen the symptoms of menopause. Moreover, it is also being prescribed by some doctors to delay aging.

If you are considering this kind of anti-aging therapy, might as well get familiarized with its pros and cons and other essential things about BHRT, this way you’ll be able to see if it’s worth your money, time and effort or not.


BHRT is being used by many clinics around the globe for more than 20 years now. Many people have been benefited by it. Included in its benefits are the following:

  • BHRT is known to help in restoring the strength of your bones. Hence, it helps reduce and lower the possibility of you suffering from osteoporosis.
  • This kind of anti-aging treatment can also reduce hot flashes and prevent vaginal dryness.
  • BHRT helps maintain your strong muscles and bone structures.
  • BHRT is also known to improve your cholesterol level.
  • It can also reduce risk of you acquiring breast cancer.
  • It also helps in improving patients with depression condition.
  • BHRT also helps you improve your sleeping habit. Hence, you can have more energy to work or to do the things you do every day.
  • BHRT also has positive effects to mood and memory.
  • It can also helps in concentration.
  • BHRT can also improve your libido
  • BHRT is also known to have lesser side effects compared to synthetic hormones replacement therapy.

These benefits are definitely helpful to women who are undergoing perimenopause period. It is true that dull and aging skin cannot be prevented but you can always do something to stay young and healthy if you want to.


Two of the apprehensions you may have with BHRT include its cost and unwanted side effects. Unwanted side effects may vary depending on the patient’s case. Cost may vary depending on the type of program you will undergo. Aside from these two apprehensions, there’s nothing more to worry about BHRT.

If you are wondering if you can take other supplements while under Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, the answer is yes. In fact, most practitioners are recommending their patients to take multivitamins and minerals, antioxidants, proper amount of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium and other bone-strengthening supplements and nutrients.

Another thing you must know about BHRT is the length of time you need to wait before the hormones finally kick in. You can properly discuss this with your doctor as it can also vary depending on what BHRT program you are in.

There are more essential things you must know about BHRT. Thorough and continuous research will definitely help you decide if you would push through this kind of anti-aging treatment. But most importantly, you must not forget to seek for professional advice regarding this if you are considering on undergoing BHRT.


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