Are Men Really Concerned About Their Looks?


In today’s world, it’s no surprise that quite a number of men from all corners of the world are turning to beauty regimens and treatments, whether the newest serums and creams or going for surgery. To some, it is vanity, but to others it is something they can’t do without. Just as women feel the need to keep up with social pressures of staying youthful and looking good, men are following suit.

Brands like Massage Envy and The Art of Shaving are sending the message that thinking about personal appearance and style isn’t necessarily a bad idea. These brands and many others have made men’s grooming industry to go beyond just getting clean.

Men Spend More Time Grooming

The charge to emerging markets is lead by the Western culture. According to Euromonitor International, about 30 percent of men spend more than 30 minutes grooming. This figure may be surprising to many, but as grooming habits in men become acceptable, many companies all over the world are now focusing on developing new products to serve the growing men’s market.

Even in countries like The United Arabs Emirates and Turkey, where the tradition does not encourage men to use beauty products, educated young men are beginning to embrace grooming in professional and social settings. What’s more? Categories like shaving and deodorants have increased in market share up to 39 percent.

In the U.S., the biggest market share is held by Procter & Gamble with $2.5 billion in sales. Procter & Gamble’s brands like Old Spice, Clairol and Gillette, have the inbuilt trust of their established consumers on which the grooming business for men grows. It should therefore not come to you as a surprise to see men’s skin care line in drugstores. If you have not seen one, then maybe it is in the works.

Men Spend More Time Grooming

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is also gaining popularity among men. Globally, men account for almost 13 percent of all plastic surgery procedures. In 2013, 9 percent of all the plastic surgery procedures carried out in the United Sates were for men; this translates to 1,249,039 plastic surgeries. The operations included laser hair removal and microdermabrasion, among others. The most popular procedures were calf augmentation, hair transplants and pectoral implants.

Whether a man decides to use beauty products is a personal choice. As a society, we need to value men as they age rather than push them to use beauty products or go for surgery so as to look younger.


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