Supplements of Menopause Aids to Weight Loss?


As if menopause wasn’t unpleasant enough, now you have gained 15 pounds and can’t seem to get it to come off, no matter how hard you try. It may comfort you to know that you’re not alone – the vast majority of post-menopausal women report an average of up to a 15 pound weight gain once they are in the midst of this process. The weight gain is at least partially caused by a change in the hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Testosterone is in charge of your lean muscle mass, while estrogen is in charge of the fat deposits in your body. When both of these are low, you will see all of your hard won leanness melt away into unsightly cellulite. Exercise and a healthy diet can dramatically decrease your odds of gaining, but menopause supplements can help as well.

Supplements of Menopause Aids to Weight Loss?Depending on the type of menopause supplements you use, you may notice an increase in energy, lean muscle mass and a lessened appetite. When your hormones are low, your body will do whatever it can to replace them and this often means holding onto fat deposits – a kind of emergency hormone storage center. However, if your menopause supplements can replace those missing or depleted hormones, this will prevent that “hormone starvation” reaction from kicking in so you simply will not pack on the pounds as badly, and you can change your diet and exercise regimen before it becomes a problem.

In addition, supplements of menopause also offer vitamins that can help you get the energy you need to exercise. When you begin menopause, your body will not absorb calcium, Vitamin D or Vitamin B as easily, and these are all responsible for your energy levels and ability to exercise. If you are tired, you won’t exercise. However, if you have menopause supplements that can boost your energy, you will be able to walk that extra mile to work off those calories and your metabolism will speed up as well.

Remember that too-small pants is not the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to weight gain and that you will also be at a greater risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a whole host of other potential health issues that could place you at critical risk. Always visit with your doctor regularly to ensure that you are getting proper follow up care on your journey into this next stage of your life.

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