Are There Permanent Lip Plumping Treatment Options Available?


Lip plumping products are great if you don’t mind their temporary nature. Products like lipsticks, lip balms, creams, lip glosses, and serums do work to increase the size and volume of lips. However, they only work for as long as you use the product. One you stop using the lip plumping treatment, you lips will go back to their normal size and shape. This may lead many people to wonder if there is a lip treatment option that is more permanent. There is. It is called lip plumping surgery and here is some information you should known about this permanent lip plumping treatment option.

Also known as lip augmentation, lip plumping surgery is done by a licensed doctor. It involves making incisions in the lips and inserting a biocompatible material to increase the size and/or change the shape of the lips. This type of lip plumping treatment is best for people who have very thin lips or uneven lips and do not want to be concerned with keeping follow up appointments to have their lips injected with dermal filler. It can also help smooth out lines around the lips. The benefit of this type of lip plumping treatment is that it is permanent. A good surgeon will make sure your lips compliment your face and that there is minimal scarring.

However, the primary disadvantage to this type of lip plumping treatment is that recovery can take weeks. Unlike other lip plumping treatment options where there is little to no recovery time, it could be a few days to several weeks before your lips heal fully. This, of course, depends on your overall health. Another disadvantage to this lip plumping treatment option is if the implants are too large, then your lips can look comical. You could end up with the dreaded trout lips that many celebrities have become famous for.

The results you get from this lip plumping treatment really depend on the quality of the doctor you hire to perform the surgery. Therefore, to get the best result, it is a good idea to shop around for a good cosmetic surgeon. Get recommendations from people you know and trust. Before committing to this lip plumping treatment, interview the doctor about their education and experience. Ask to see before and after photos of other patients who have this lip plumping treatment. Only have the surgery done by a doctor you trust.


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