Are You Committing These Makeup Blunders?


Makeup enhances our beauty. Makeup is applied to make oneself more beautiful and more attractive. We want to look different and at the same time stunning all the time. But many times we fail to achieve our goal of looking more attractive with the help of makeup.
Most of us do not know the proper way of applying our makeup. And also sometimes we fail to select proper colors. When we make such mistakes we hear many comments that hurt us. These heart breaking comments are the result of our bad makeup application. Our make up mistakes makes us look silly and also funny some times. So you must always keep a check of your makeup.

Lip liner

Never commit a mistake of applying a different color lip liner which doesn’t match your lipstick at all. It will only make you look funny. Also avoid using a very dark color lip liner. Either use a lip liner pencil that matches your lipstick or do not use it at all.


Select a lip color according to your skin color and your skin tone. You can use a lip balm to keep your lips smooth and young. Lip balm will also moisturize your lips and it proves to be very helpful for dry lips.

Lip Gloss

Give a final touch to your lips with the help of lip gloss. It will give a sparkling effect to your lips. Do not apply too much of it.


Select a proper shape of eyebrows that suit your face. Take advice from a professional makeup artist. Eyebrows make a lot of difference in your face.

Eye Shadow

Avoid using a blue eye shadow. It makes you look tired. Blue eye shadow is not a good choice. You can prefer pink instead. It is the best option.
Use natural shades. All light shades look natural and help you look delicate beauty.


You must apply foundation that is nearest to your skin color. Do not use very dark or very light shades of foundation. It will only destroy your beauty. Many buy foundation that is very close to orange color. Never commit this mistake. It will only darken you blemishes.
It is very important to make earlier preparations while going for a party or a business meeting or a date. You should decide your look, your dress your hairstyle and your makeup before hand. It will help you look fabulous and also perfect.


If you want to hide the stains and blemishes on your face with the help of conceler, always remember never use a very light color conceler. If the conceler is lighter than your skin tone it will only attract the attention towards the places you have applied it.
Never wear too less or too much of makeup. Keep your makeup in proper balance. Many try to copy the makeup style of the celebrities. They apply too much of it and end up looking even more artificial and silly. Some of them do not wear them at all, even that do not look perfect. Applying just a lipstick or a sparkling lip gloss is not enough.


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