Why Are You Still Single? The Most Common Reasons


There are a lot of witty remarks to answer the question “why are you still single?” Because you have high standards? Because every good, nice-looking guy is taken? And every good, nice-looking, single guy is either broke or gay? Perhaps he’s divorced or has kids? You know, comedy is only an obvious cover for your sadness. If you’re really looking for the right person then you should look at yourself first and see if there is something you need to change. Here are a few reasons why you may still be single:

Your Attitude

Are You Still Single?

Even if you have been hurt a lot of times, don’t let it show when meeting new people. Negativity is a turnoff that will surely make people run away from you. The solution is to change your bad outlook in life and try your best to be optimistic. Think about it. Do you think people would want to be with the pathetic girl complaining loudly about her problems or the girl having a great time? You have to change your attitude in order to attract other people.

You Are Close Minded

People find love in lots of strange ways. Online dating is one of the fastest ways to find someone. Even if you’re date isn’t someone you’re attracted to, he/she might have a friend who is more compatible to you. How about blind dates? Go for it because you’ll never know and the blind date might help you find the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Take chances and go for what you want. You will never get the things you want just by waiting for it.

You’re too Picky

Unless you’re Scarlett Johansson or Brad Pitt, you shouldn’t have standards that are too high. Don’t be shallow and focus on the physical traits of your potential partner. Relationships that last a long time are not based on physical attraction. While it’s good to have an idea of your ideal mate, don’t use this as a basis for rejecting people. You should give a chance and get to know the other person well before making your decision. This is also the most common answer to the question “why are you still single?


So, why are you still single? Think about it and be honest with yourself. Do you see one or more of the reasons above in your situation? If so, it’s not the end of the world. You can always change. Even the smallest changes can have a big impact. On the other hand, the decision to be single for the rest of your life is also up to you.


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