Ariana Grande Valentine’s Day Plans in Teen Vogue February 2014!

Ariana Grande

Away from her tight schedule, Ariana Grande disclosed her plans by appearing on the February 2014 issue in the Teen Vogue magazine.

Aged at 20, the singer/actress looks gorgeous in a garb’s from Milo and Juicy Couture for the Sebastian Kim-shot spread during an interview about her plans on the Valentine’s.

She said that people should look forward to spend the Valentine’s Day with their lovers, adding that she would opt for a boyfriend. What she craves for is kindness and someone supportive and one that can make her laugh and give her “butterflies”.

On Her Careers

Grande pointed out that she spends most of her time in acting/singing career by avoiding much sleep. She claims to be an early riser to go to Nickledeon for exercises before heading in to the studio. It’s amazing why such a celebrity would hit the gym as the first thing from coming out of bed. At her age, very few would opt for something straining at such a time.

On Social Media

She talks of being more shy than most people would think, adding that she is rarely online especially when dealing with some stuffs. Although she talks of being at the best in her current life, she notes that it is in the most stressful part. She is trying to adjust and is learning a lot at the same time, as she says.

Ariana Grande came in to public attention after she made headlines in the 2014 Grammy awards due to her outstanding performance on the red carpet. On January 26, she was posing for pictures in front of so many photographers when she became overwhelmed by their shouts. She even flustered. Things turned worse when some fans posted it in the social media indicating that she made a bad move while posing for pictures. However, she came under rescue of other fans who indicated that it could have been a part of the plan.

Hitting out at the gym before embarking on her other regular activities can account to her awesome figure. This can serve as lesson to the many obese or overweight individuals trying to shed some pounds. It is evident that she must be in a good diet plan as well. Otherwise it is difficult to figure out why she has a stunning bodily outline on unhealthy diet including snacks.

Just like other celebrities struggle to keep in good shape, Grande is not an exception. She has to do it given that her career means a closer look from her fans in the coming years. If you want to have such an outstanding figure, it is good to start exercising at a younger age. It is neither too late if you are older. Even the aged people lose weight although they risk getting saggy skins. But you can avoid it by losing weight in the healthy way.

Let’s hope Grande maintains her good physique in the coming days. It will be so much fun to watch the young starlet performing on stage and in Hollywood movies.


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