5 Outfit That Makes a Women Incredibly Attractive & Fashionable


The Holidays are up and the new year is swiftly easing in. You know what that means, Ladies! It’s time to give that wardrobe of yours a new facelift. You know, you don’t really need to spend some serious bucks to get a new look for the new year. Start by reviewing what you already have. Mix n’ match your wardrobe in ways you haven’t tried before in ways that update them to these Fall and Winter’s trendiest looks. Where you see gaps in your personal style, that’s when you hit the stores.

Here’s a quick guide of what every posh woman should keep as go-to outfits. Simply make sure you have these 5 ensemble and you’ll be certain to nail every party you’re heading to this season and beyond:

Outfit No. 1: Play Up Your Denims

Play Up Your Denims

Those durable, versatile pair of jeans you’ve never outgrown to love shouldn’t be headed out of your closet just yet. This season, denims — almost every sort and cut of it — is hot this time of the year. What you should pay attention to is how your denims fit you.

Baggy pants are in this season, but so too are those cropped skinnies. Flared, 70’s feel styled up pants are also making a comeback. Baggy pants go well with your loose tops. Add flair and glam by wearing those sheer, off-the-shoulder blouses, and put on those trainers that make your soles feel right at home. Even your skinnies and flared pants will be flattering with these tops. Or, you can also choose to layer with your plains and top with your coats, knits, vests and shawls. For a more ladylike look, wear with your thigh-high boots or pumps.

Outfit No. 2: Cropped Top And High-Slit, Calf-Length Skirt

Cropped Top And High-Slit

Nothing else breathes sophistication than this figure flattering ensemble. Throw in your toppers to match this season’s cold weather. Keep it open to show the beauty you’re hiding underneath.

Outfit No. 3: Pencil Cut Dress Or Skirt

Pencil Cut Dress Or Skirt

Show off those feminine curves in elegant, sophisticated ways. Whether you’re wearing a casual or a power ensemble, trust that a calf-length skirt will never let you down. Pair it with sexy, ankle strapped sandals and you’ll be looking fresh off the runways in an instant.

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Outfit No. 4: Red Dress

Red Dress

Oh, Woman! Walk in a room in this outfit smokin’ hot! Tailored or sheered, a red dress will be a surefire way for the crowd to start wondering, “Who’s that girl?”

Outfit No. 5: Long, Flowy Skirt

Flowy Skirt

Put on an off-the-shoulder summer dress or pair up a long, floral skirt with just a plain, simple top and that should be enough for you to channel a dainty aura — sweet and beautiful just the way you like it.


Before blindly following a new fashion trend, ask yourself, “What looks good on me?” You’ll know what cuts and styles fit your body and match your personality best.

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