Bachelorette Revealed Kaitlyn Bristowe As the Leading Lady


Former Bachelor Chris Soules is pleased with The Bachelorette Season 11 results, naming Kaitlyn Bristowe as the leading lady.

Kaitlyn got the majority votes from the men seeking her favor, which made her beat Britt Nilsson.

Soules, who was at Dancing with the Stars the night Kaitlyn won, said he thinks she deserves to win.

Chris said he got close with Kaitlyn and “had a real connection with her, and wanted to see her find somebody.”

But he said he also wants to see Britt happy.

Kaitlyn will be back in her The Bachelorette season on Monday, which will be a two-hour episode.

Awkward Twist

This season’s twist of having two bachelorettes facing off each other in the finale and having the other 25 bachelors vote between them wasn’t really something that a lot of fans liked.

Chris thinks the twist was “awkward,” which was a light criticism compared to what former Bachelor Sean Lowe said – “disgusting.”

Other fans think it wasn’t what the show was all about, which is giving rejected women another chance at romance.

Bristowe thinks the shows premise didn’t really went too far. Sure, she had some concerns and questions, but she said she didn’t think it was “sexist.”

She said it took practical reasoning to overcome any worries of sending the wrong message with the show’s twist.

“At the end of the day, it is still a TV show,” she said.

Britt Nilsson Shocked With Twist

She said that the twist was somehow misleading, pointing out host Chriss Harrison’s words, “The majority of the men have chosen one woman who they can hopefully see a future with.”

She said she was shocked with the results.

Soules’s Vied for Willis in Dancing

Soules was eliminated earlier in this season of Dancing with the Stars. He is not surprised with Willis’s victory.

He said Willis was his pick. He said she deserves to win with her ballroom skills. Soules believes Willis was the one who grew the most into a true dancer, especially considering the fact that didn’t have any dance experience at all when she joined the show.

After being out of DWTS on week 8, Chris head back to his small Iowa town.

Still Going Strong with Whitney

Still Going Strong with Whitney

He said he and Whitney Bischoff are still going strong. At the finale of the show, he proposed to his dancing partner, Whitney.

“We’re all set,” talking about his relationship with Bischoff. He said they are going to live a normal life together.

There were even split rumours between the two, after Bischoff has been MIA from the DWTS for several weeks. But this rumour quickly died when she returned to the show.

She was gone because she was with her family. Also, it was her mother’s death anniversary on May 2. Chris said he missed her, but it would also be healthy for their relationship to be away from each other for a little while.

She’s my number one fan. So, I know she’s there for me,” said Chris.

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