The Right Bangs/Fringe Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


Every time you contemplate on getting a haircut, I’m sure you always ask yourself if you’d get bangs or not. Deciding on a haircut is a big decision as it comprises a big part of your appearance. Well, you can always ask the hairstylist about the hairstyle that will look good on you but sometimes, you don’t like the results and you leave the salon miserable.

Fringe HairstylesFringe Hairstyles

You must know that there is a wide variety of bangs/fringe hairstyle and surely, there is one that will suit you. The question is, which one will? A great factor in determining the right bangs and cut for your hair is your face shape. People have different face shapes such as heart, oval, square, rectangular, diamond and round shape. You must determine your face shape and see if the wispy, piecey, angled or blunt cut suits you.

Fringe HairstylesFringe Hairstyles

For Oval Face Shape

You are lucky as you can have any style you want and all will look good on you. Whether you have a bangs/fringe hairstyle or not, you will still look fabulous.

For Rectangular Face Shape

A bangs/fringe hairstyle works great with this face shape. The short bangs and the long angular shape gives the face balance. Wispy, piecey and angled are the best cuts for this particular shape.

Fringe HairstylesFringe Hairstyles

For Round Face Shape

Bangs are not recommended for this face shape as it will make the face look wider and will give the illusion of being fat.

For Square Face Shape

Square faces are very similar to round faces as they have the same characteristics. To be safe, avoid having bangs if you have a square face shape.

Fringe HairstylesFringe Hairstyles

For Heart Face Shape

The best cut for bangs are those worn-off the center. Wispy and fringe type of bangs are the best. However, stay away from blunt cut bangs as this will exaggerate your narrow chin.

For Diamond face Shape

Diamond is a mix of oval and heart face shape and this means that you can wear hairstyles with bangs. Just make sure you avoid the blunt cut as it will make the face look too narrow and long.

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