Best Bangs Hairstyles Inspired From Celebrity


You may be wondering if you should get bangs or not. That always seems to be the number one question when considering a new hairstyle. Bangs can change your whole look in an instant, but not all bangs flatter all face shapes. Here is a list of face shapes and the best bangs for face shapes based on celebrity hairstyles.If you are not sure which shape your face is, we will help you determine which shape best describes your face and which bang is the most suitable for that specific shape. The basic face shapes are round, oval, square and heart.

Side-Swept bang For Round Face

Bangs Charlize TheronBangs Cameron Diaz

The best fringe for a round face is a longer side-swept bang cut at an angle. If you would like to create a more angular shape, then the best way is to make it appear more elongated. The worse bangs would be a blunt fringe cut across the widest part of the forehead. Any fringe that that takes a third of the roundness off will create the illusion of an oval, so a long, side-swept bang is very flattering.

Full Fringe Bangs For Square Face

Bangs Jennifer GarnerBangs Rachel McAdams

The best bang for face shape square is a full fringe or a blunt fringe. Although, for a square face, the fringe should be kept more narrow towards the center and not too far towards the eye’s edges. Additionally, layers that land right below the chin will enhance a square face by making it more elongated. Adding volume to the crown can also help achieve this look.

Wide Bangs For Oval Face

Bangs Jessica AlbaRunway Makeup

Oval face shapes are fortunate enough to be able to wear just about any style of bang as it is the most balanced shape. If your face tends to lean towards more of an elongated shape, then a wide bang would be better as it widens the eye area and makes it appear as more of a true oval.

Long Fringe Bangs For Heart Face

Bangs Tiffani ThiessenBangs Reese Witherspoon

The best bang for face shape heart is a long fringe that ends just below the chin. The worst fringe for a heart-shaped face is a wide bang as it will accentuate the widest part of the face making it not flattering. Instead choose a long fringe, something hitting at or below chin level. This type of bang will essentially pull the eye line down which creates an appearance of length for the face.

The best way to determine your face shape is to ask your hairdresser, or stand in front of a mirror, pull all hair back away from your face, and trace the outline of your face with a washable marker. Stand back and you can see which shape your face best represents.

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