10 Cute & Cozy Batwing Sweater Dress Outfits To Wear On Fall & Winter


Every year, it seems, streetwear fashion come the cold months get on a spiral trend —a sweater in, sweater out, trench coat on, trench coat hung. If you are looking for a fresh new way to stay warm this Holiday season, why not get into the latest trend, that is, Batwing Sweater Dress. You can wear it as a dress, as a top or, layer it on as you would normally when the snow starts falling on the pavement.

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What Is a Batwing Sweater Dress Anyway?

Well, it isn’t some costume made for Halloween so you can be Batman’s exclusive date! These are dresses that have extended armholes. In a batwing dress, the arms and bodice appear seamless in such way that there is a part of your dress hanging by your sides, under your armpits.

During the Autumn/Winter Runway Show of Celine, Hermes, and Kenzo, these top designer brands, among many, suggested what to wear in winters and showed different ways to dress up with pizazz. Among the suggestions were batwing sleeve outfits.

The 10 Best Ways To Wear The Batwing Trend

There’s no question about it, batwing outfits are “the” must-haves in your wardrobe this winter. Listed below are the Top 10 ways to ace these new fashion essential for winter categorized into 10 different stylish batwing outfit designs.

1.Off-Shoulder Below-Knee Length Batwing Sweater Dress

Off-Shoulder Below-Knee Length Batwing Sweater Dress

It amplifies luxury and extravagance to the tenth degree. Get one with long sleeves that cling closely but not tightly to your arms. Since this is luxury defined, the best color combination for clothes cut and worn this way are nude, tan, black and wine red. Wear with your red lipsticks and, if you feel the need to accessorize, make sure to wear something equally extravagant.

2.One-Off Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Sweater

One-Off Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Sweate

Get it long, at least a midi sweater dress length or up to above your knees. Layer with tights or long leggings in a complementary color. Keep to the basic colors to maintain the overall elegance of the look and create a color block overall batwing appearance that makes you look extra expensive. Wear with your metallic chain bracelets and play up your outfit some more with a pair of stiletto ankle boots.

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3.Plus Size Batwing Sweater

Plus Size Batwing Sweater

You know that nothing can be cozier than wearing a plus size batwing sleeve sweater. This Holidays, learn how to wear plus size batwing sweater. Two of the best looks are oversize sweaters that either has a loose turtleneck or, that falls off of one shoulder. A top tip? Wear as you would a polo shirt dress. You can wear with a belt or, just leave it loosely draping above your knee. If it gets too cold, layer. Make sure, too, that you have a long, statement necklace hanging on your chest, most especially when you’re not wearing a belt.

4.Batwing Sleeve Midi Dress

batwing sleeve midi dress

The best cut for this look is a loose top half and a tightly gartered lower half. This is a perfect way for you to show off your long, sexy legs even when your tummy is not flat. Of course, you get the plus points for getting to hide flabby arms as well if you’re trying to avoid it.

5.Mock Neck Sweater With Batwings

Mock Neck Sweater With Batwings

This is another must-have batwing sweater dress that you can easily sport up this season. These should look great with a pair of stylish skinny jeans. When you’re planning to go shopping, you can keep your get up comfy with a pair of loafers or sneakers. When you’re reuniting with family and friends for breakfasts and lunches, you can easily look fabulous with knee-length booths or, a pair of stiletto peepers. What to wear with a regular mock neck sweater will be appropriate but those batwings are what make your outfit absolutely feminine.

6.Batwing Sweater And Mermaid Skirt

Batwing Sweater And Mermaid Skirt

This trend is best worn as a one-piece dress rather than a pairing. Whether you are wearing this piece calf-length or, full length, these pieces are one of the most attractive dresses that you can add to your winter office wardrobe. Wear with pointed closed toe stilettos and a small handbag. Accessorize with expensive jewelry.

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7.Batwing Long Sweater Dress

Batwing Long Sweater Dress

This trend is something you wouldn’t want to get a knitted garment.You’d want something more flowy for this particular dress design. Channel the 1930’s mademoiselle in you with a pair of huge, plastic-rimmed sunglasses, long and thick chain necklace, and a clutch bag. Curl up your hair and sharply define your pout with bright red lips. This trend is also best worn in a Burgundy batwing sweater.

8.Batwing Sweater

Batwing Sweater

Your most basic batwing sleeve piece remains to be a batwing sweater. There are countless ways as to how to wear a batwing sweater. Of course, the whole idea of dressing up for the colder months is to keep you warm but, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your personal style, and a batwing sweater will help you achieve that just as you’ve seen how a batwing sleeve sweater dress can improve your styling during the coldest months of the year.

9.Batwing Knit Cardigan

Batwing Knit Cardigan

One of the most versatile ways by which you can wear this trend is by owning an overcoat, and a cardigan remains to be one of the easiest ways to wear this trend. Layer on a plain tee or a turtleneck, coupled with skinny jeans. Wear with your holiday-themed headgear to add some holiday fun and frenzy.

10. Bowknot Ribbon Batwing Sweater

Bowknot Ribbon Batwing Sweater

The poshest way to get yourself wrapped up like a gift is to get a piece with a velvet ribbon tied by your nape. Wear casually with your go-to large ring earrings or a dangling pair of accessories. Stay comfortable with a pair of wonderfully fitted pair of jazz jeans with your tank top underneath.

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Fashion and styling will often preach about getting the right dresses according to body shape. These sweater dress outfit ideas and various different ways to wear the sweater dress prove that this fashion statement can be worn stylishly by women who come in all forms, shapes, sizes, and ages.


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