Get Gorgeous Look Like Priyanka Chopra and Kelly Rohrbach


Already there is alot of buzz about new 2017 Baywatch movie adaptation and among the most-watched stars in the film are Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood actress turned “Baywatch” villain, and Kelly Rohrbach who plays CJ Parker, the character that made Pamela Anderson a household name.

The Sexy, Undone Waves

Onset and on the red carpet, Chopra and Rohrbach and fast being turned into the next generation of style icons. These two have been watched closely in the past, and even closer as soon as they’ve been conferred the official title of being the latest additions to the “Baywatch” Babes.

If you want the loose, effortless way that these two celebs have been doing their hair then, keep reading to see how you can get the best hairstyle of the season done on your own tresses without the stress.

The Soft Waves Of Chopra

The Soft Waves Of Chopra

Chopra has been seen many times, even before her current stint on “Baywatch”, loving her hair loose, pulled up, twisted and all bunned up on and off the red carpet. This Pantene ambassador loves to show off her naturally wavy, thick and healthy tresses whenever she can. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can get her soft waves:

Step 1: Deep Cleanse and Deep Condition Your Hair
Hair as wavy soft as Chopra’s require that you spoil your hair a little bit more intensively than usual.

Step 2: Blow Dry in Cold Setting
Don’t shape or curl in any way. Just let the moisture evaporate.

Step 3: Curl
Use a thick hot barrel to make your waves. Work in chunky sections. Twirl each section around from about one-fourth from your scalp to the tips. Keep repeating until all your hair has been covered.

Step 4: Hairspray and Tease
Tease just to bring all of the waves together and to achieve a fuller volume. Give the hair on your top a tease as well.

The Zigzag Beach Waves Of Rohrbach

The Zigzag Beach Waves Of Rohrbach

Those sharp waves have been beautifully framing Rohrbach’s face and eyes, on the set of “Baywatch”, and every other presscon and red carpet premiere for the movie. To get her hairstyle, these are the few things that you need to do to your hair:

Step 1: Deep Cleanse and Deep Condition
Make your hair more resilient to heat damage.

Step 2: Blow Dry
Get the moisture out.

Step 3: Curl With a Straightening Iron
You can’t get her sharp waves using a curling barrel but, this device will. Work in tiny sections. Wrap around the iron from the middle to the end of your strands then release. Keep going until all strands have been covered.

Step 4: Run Your Fingers Through
Loosen up the waves just to make it look more natural.

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When you’re done, we promise you the “Baywatch” theme song will be ringing in your ear as you stare back at yourself in the mirror. “I’ll be ready. Forever and always. I’m always here.”

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