Be Your Own Caretaker with Simple Hair Tips


Hairs type and hairstyle both are responsible for enhancing the face beauty. Different hairstyle gives different look to your face. Almost everyone desire for shiny hairs and beautiful look. In order to give shine to your hairs here are some simple tips that will help you to fulfill the desire.

1) Diluted vinegar gives a shining touch to your hairs. For the purpose you can fill diluted vinegar in spray bottle and then spray on your hairs. After spraying rinse your hair with water containing few drops of lemon juice.

2) You can also apply milk to your hairs to make them shine. Then rub ice-cube through length of strand and then comb it properly. Add few drops of apple cider vinegar to water and then rinse with it.

3) Mix a mashed avocado with one teaspoon of baking powder. Prepare a good blend of it and apply on your hairs. Keep for sometime and rinse it properly.

4) Take some rosemary leaves (1/3 cup) in 2 cups of distilled water. Pour in a small sauce pan and boil it for atleast 5 minutes. Let it cool and strain the fluid properly and store in spray bottle. You can spray this liquid on your hairs that will give shining to your hairs. It can also use as good toner for scalp.

5) For dry hairs Mayonnaise can act as good conditioner. As per the length of your hairs, use mayonnaise to your dry hairs. Then mask your hairs with plastic bag for 10-15 minute to prevent evaporation of moisture. Rinse it well followed by regular shampoo. This will serve as best conditioner to your hairs making them to shine more.

Another simple home remedy for making shiny hairs is by using rosemary oil and lavender oil. Prepare a mixture of these two oils and store it in dark amber colored bottle. With the help of hairbrush apply the mixture of these oils for atleast 6 months. Prepare rinsing water by adding 1 teaspoon of honey in nearly four cups of warm water. Pour this mixture on your hairs after shampooing it and let it remain to dry.

It provides a refreshing spray for your hairs highlighting dark hair and also acts as rejuvenation.

Here are some healthy tips that will make your hairs to shine:

As it has studied that heat boosts the oily scalp to produce more oil. Therefore it keeps away from washing your hairs with warm water. Cold water assists in controlling gresy and oily scalp.

Soak henna in water containing tea bag, coffe powder, onion peels and amla powder and use on your hairs. This glow your hairs and serves as good conditioner. For dry and dull hairs massage scalp regularly to stimulate oil production that will make your hairs soft and shining.
Immediately after swimming, wash your hairs properly to remove all the chlorine residues that rest on your hairs and scalp which can cause damage to your hairs.
The food you eat also reflects on your hairs. Therefore include fresh and green vegetables and fruits that will nourish your hairs from within and make them strong.
Keep your hairs clean and dust free especially in summer season as the heat and sun rays take away all the nourishment and moisture from your hairs. Use proper natural shampoo that suits your hair and condition your hair well.

To make your hairs more attractive and strong these home recipes will help to care your hairs in the best and natural ways.


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