Check Out The Highlights & 3 Best Beauty Looks At the Oscars 2017

  • Top 1: Emma Stone

    Emma Stone
  • Top 2: Emma Roberts

    Emma Roberts
  • Top 3: Janelle Monae

    Janelle Monae

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose,”said Lauren Hutton, American model and actress.

That’s exactly how it goes down with our favorite female celebs around awards season. Designers send them all sorts of stuff or, they call up designers to request for certain clothes. At the end of the day the celebs and their styling crew select a certain look and from there, pick a dress, match the shoes and the bag, and make sure that the hair, makeup and nails are all headed towards the same direction.

“Oh, So Glam!”

This year’s Oscars has seen one of the brightest showing of style star power, and here is our Top 3 picks for the best looks:

Top 1: Emma Stone

Emma Stone

So deserving of our top honors is no other than the most favorite star in Hollywood and the most loved celebrity of the hour, Emma Stone. We absolutely love how she effortlessly brings back old Hollywood glamour every time she shows up on the red carpet. She won the Oscars for Best Actress.

This time, she was an absolute winner in a gold gown from Givenchy. The gown was laced at the thin strapped shoulders, embroidered from the scallop cut neckline down to the hips,and then fringed from there to the ankle. Stone was drop-dead gorgeous! She has a naturally pale white complexion which was taken cared for with a cream and a blush on the cheek. It was her eyes, beaming with gold dust and her deep red lips that were irresistible.

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Top 2: Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

Another beautiful celeb, another old Hollywood look from another Emma — this time, Emma Roberts — stood out on the red carpet. Her strawberry blonde hair, the deep, reddish eyes and the bright red lips all came together to make the young Hollywood star shine through.

She wore an Armani Privé full length column gown with lace lining her breasts and a two-layered organza embroidered bottom half. Her version was less daring and appeared more sophisticated than its runway counterpart. The addition of what appears like black satin across her torso was what made the magic happen.

Top 3: Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae

With “Moonlight” winning the Oscars for Best Picture, Janelle had an award-winning overall look going about her. She wore a fashion statement at the red carpet made with black, white, silver and gold. The top half was a mesh with beautiful embellishments on the collar and chest. The bottom half was beaded fringe which was adorned with an embellished black organza trail.

Her beautiful, healthy looking skin stood out as her eyes and lips were toned down. It was her pixie top and her Grecian crown that made her overall style perfect and stunning.

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There you have your dose of Oscar fashion! So, the next time you dress up for a formal, get dressed like a star.

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