Two Best Celebrity Fast Diets to Lose 10 Pounds Quickly


Celebrities are known to lose a considerable amount of weight in very little time. This is mostly because they have personal trainers and nutritionists that make special exercise and diet programs for them. It is common knowledge that diet is the most important part of weight loss. Exercising several hours daily is almost useless if a person is still consuming a considerably high amount of calories. Here are some of the best celebrity fast diets:.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Sarah-Michelle Gellar and Emmy winner Jaime Pressly are only two of the celebrity followers of the popular cabbage soup diet. Some people claim that this diet can help people lose 10 pounds in only 7 days. This is the reason why the cabbage soup diet is one of the best celebrity fast diets that are very effective in fast weight loss.

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Basically, the Cabbage Soup Diet is a seven day diet that consists of eating low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables, drinking tea, black coffee or cranberry juice and eating as much cabbage soup as desired. According to the people behind this diet, the special food choices in the diet have a very strong fat burning effect. However, people who have stomach problems like ulcer and gastritis need to follow a special modified version of this diet.

Cabbage Soup

The Lemonade Diet

The lemonade diet or “master cleanse” is a special diet that consists only of the intake of a special blend of lemonades, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This is supposed to cleanse, detoxify and get rid of excess weight. The diet consists only of consuming the special mixture and nothing else.

So you want celebrity fast diets that work? Follow any of the two diets mentioned above and you can fit in to your gorgeous mini dress and bikini in no time!

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