The Best Dating Advice for Women


Dating Advice For WomenIt is surprising how people don’t put much effort in their dating lives. According to a recent survey, most women consider their husband or partner to be more important than their job. However, they spend very minimal time in discovering the important things to catch and keep a good man.

First of all, you should know that there is not one flawless piece of dating advice for women to get the man of your dreams. However you can work on a couple of things to make your chances of doing so significantly better. Here are 4 of the best dating advice for women to catch the man of your dreams:

Get a Life

Make sure to take care of yourself and your needs first. Everything in your life should be in order such as health, job or family relationships. It is great if guys are attracted to your looks but it is even better if he is attracted to your life. What does this mean? Catching the guy’s attention can be a breeze but if your life is a disaster do you think any man will stay with you?

Don’t Sacrifice Everything for a Man

Giving up everything just to be with a man is so romantic. However, it is also stupid and tragic. You need to have self-respect in order for people to respect you. Giving up everything for a guy is very unattractive. This is also a sign that it is okay for a guy to treat you like trash. One of the best dating advice for women is to be respectable.

Play Hard to Get

This is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to dating advice” dating advice for women. However, you need to close the door but keep a window open. This means that you shouldn’t totally shut down the guy you like. You should give him a small hint that you’re interested or else he will likely just give up. It is in man’s nature to pursue something that is challenging. They want to work hard for something in order to truly enjoy it. Be that challenge and he will be yours.

Do not Reward Bad Behaviour

Okay, for the sake of discussion. Listen here. Think of your man as a new dog you have to train. The number one rule of training a puppy is not to reward a bad behaviour. If a guy cancels a date without a good reason or embarrasses you in front of others, you should let him know that he crossed the line. You don’t need to make a dramatic reaction like weep in front of your friends, throw a horrible tantrum, or anything like that. Just make sure that he knows he did something wrong and he has to apologize, make up for it and never do it again. Talk about it when you’re alone.


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