Find the Most Flattering Shades of Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone


Hair, like your eyes, say a lot about your personality. The cut and color of your strands also make or break your look. Think about your crown as your most important, permanent accessory. The color you decide can help shape your face, brighten your complexion and amp up your style.

Skin tone is the biggest factor that should affect how you choose your hair color. Here are the most flattering hair colors for every skin tone so you can start wearing your crown and bask in its vibrant glory:

1. For the Fair Toned Skin

Fair Toned Skin

Pale skinned women are best complemented with hair strands that range anywhere from blonde to dark red to amber. Blonde and burgundy shades are best worn just the way Emma Stone does, that is, with minimal and modest highlights to play up some shadows on your already pale and white skin. Pale toned Isla Fishers most flattering hair color is yellowish with brown undertones. Coffee tones are also great for you if you have fair skin.

2. For the Asian Skin: Light browns, copper browns and black hair all flatter the somewhat yellowish, light brown predominant skin tone of Asians. Lighter Asian skins also easily get away with ruby, burgundy and even bright red hair, that is, if the wearer is edgier and more willing to experiment.

3. For Light Brown / Tan Complexion

Tan Complexion

Eva Longoria who has Latina skin looks great in ombre hair. The secret is to lighten the hair to highlight the golden undertones of the skin. Copper, Auburn and Ash Brown combinations all work up a nice color to frame your face if you have light brown to tan skin.

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4. For the Ash and Black Toned Skin: Vivid, bright colors give personality to people with these skin complexions. Bright orange, yellow and red hair colors are the best colors to brighten up these color complexions. If you want to stay safe and still rock it, keep your locks naturally dark black. Take it from Lupita Nyong’O who won the Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Address for her role in the movie, “12 Years a Slave.” Her most iconic looks are the ones when she wore her hair black. Whether her hair was long, shaved or braided, she knocked out every hairstyle in black hair.

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5. For the Dark Skinned

Dark Skinned

You can emulate Tyra Bank’s very versatile way of wearing her hair. She is a knockout whether she wears black or blonde or anything in between. Her most flattering hair colors it seems are coffee, chestnut, medium red brown and ash. These wide range of colors work just as well for American Supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Jasmine Tookes.


Bring in some attitude and personality to your look and style. While skin tone matters when you choose your hair color, how it matches your style, personality and comfort zone are just as important.

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