Best Make up Brush Cleansers to try at Home


Brushes are used to apply makeup and they require proper cleaning in order to help proper application of makeup. Clean brushes ensure a healthy, smooth and clean skin. Some of the skin problems such as peeling and dry skin are caused by bacteria and germs in brushes that are dirty or others which are not properly cleaned. Clean brushes are free from germs hence cannot transfer any infection to the user and due to cleanliness they are able to last long. The following are the best makeup brush cleaners to try at home.

Use of cleansing conditioner – This is a brush cleaner that is more better than shampoo since it does not foam up and clears all dirt from the brush. It kills all bacteria and germs that can cause skin breakup or cause acne. It ensures that the brush bristles remain smooth to avoid hurting the skin. It ensures that the brush also lasts longer. This detergent is easily available and cheap hence saves you cost of buying other expensive detergents performing similar role. It does not affect the hands like other detergents. This detergent has a smooth and soothing feeling that prevents the skin from peeling off.

Use of a professional brush cleaning spray – It prevents the brushes from having a bad smell hence maintaining freshness. You are supposed to spray the brush head repeatedly in order to remove the cream and foundation in the bristles completely. This is used mostly by the specialists who serve different clients and their brushes need to be cleansed repeatedly. After cleaning you are supposed to use a hand towel or a paper towel and rub the brush head until it’s completely dry. In situations where you have numerous customers this spray helps save the time used in cleaning i.e. it works out fast for you.

Anti- bacteria dish soap – It helps kill bacteria and all other sorts of germs in the brushes. You do not have to get scared in situations where your friend uses your make up brush since with the use of anti-bacteria dish soap all germs are eliminated. This dish soap is easily affordable and cheap. It has the ability to maintain the brush smoothness and leaves the brushes with a fresh smell.

Use of baby/ organic shampoo – It is used to clean human hair but also recommended to clean the bristle on the brush .shampoo eliminates all the oil left in the brush and kills germs. The best shampoo is baby shampoo which prevents the bristles from getting dry and hard. The baby shampoo leaves the brush with a sweet scent and smooth bristles which cannot afford to hurt your skin. This shampoo is cost effective since you only need a small amount that cleans all your brushes perfectly well. It is easily available and cheap to buy so no one has the a reason to keep dirty brushes

Bar soap / antibacterial wipes – In situations where you cannot afford all the above a bar soap can also clean these brushes. This bar soap should be pure white and not scented .It should be used together with warm water in order to clear all oil from the brush. Ensure that the brush is cleaned regularly to avoid any infection. No one cannot afford a bar soap which has no chemicals in it making it easy for every female out there who uses make up to be able to maintain clean brushes

Use of olive oil – It acts as a conditioner that helps to keep the bristles smooth after cleaning. It also gets rid of excess oil in the bristles and kills bacteria. Before cleaning the brushes check the ones whose bristles are stuck together indicating they need immediate cleaning. For effective result while using olive oil you need a shallow bowl, a sink, a lint free cloth and the olive oil. The shallow bowl is used to support the brush handles while the head holding the bristles is deeply soaked in the olive oil. The cloth is used to dry the bristles and also absorb any makeup leftovers in the bristles

Makeup Brush Uses

Use of Vinegar – It is mixed with dish liquid detergent and warm water whereby after forming this solution you dip the brushes one by one. Let them get soaked where the makeup left on the brushes is seen flowing off. The brushes are the rinsed in clean water where they are reshaped and left to dry overnight. After drying you notice the brushes also have a good smell.


Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria especially if you are a beauty specialist. When you apply one client make up you should avoid using the same brush to another client to prevent spreading of germs and bacteria to your clients. As a specialist you should have a variety of brushes which are deemed to be cleaned daily with recommend detergents. Regular cleaning will help clear oils, bacteria, old makeup, dead skin and debris. As an individual you should clean your brushes preferably weekly since there is the risk of accumulated bacteria for that one week period. The brushes should be left to dry properly in the sun or use a dry towel to wipe the excess water before using them to prevent germs transfer.


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