6 Best Matte Foundation for Oily Skin


Foundations for oily skin came as a solution to those who have a shiny appearance when the sun is over their heads. Matte foundation has a pack of the six best foundations for oily skin. This has been proven to be miraculous since it is working in reality. It doesn’t matter the intensity of the sun shine but the result is always positive. It does not only limits the skin from shiny appearance but also makes you feel comfortable. These products are:

1. Make up for Ever hd Invisible Cover Foundation

This product has got a solution to those whose skin appears oily and radiate heat in absence of sun shines. This product contains the mineral sericite and is free of the oils. In this regard it helps the light rays to spread across the face. Therefore, the skin will have its normal appearance even when it’s illuminated with bright lights.

2. Laura Mercier oil free Supreme Foundation

This is an amazing product to own; it is packed with vitamin components A, E together with tea leaves extracts. This product really works towards moisturizing the skin. It also provides important antioxidants to your skin pores. This product does not contain any oil component. It last for a long time on your skin before being reabsorbed into the skin for the full coverage function.

3. Nars Sheer Matte Foundation

The consumers who have used this product claim that it controls sun shine and oily appearance all day. It does not only mask the skin but also enhances it; it prevents a shiny skin appearance and checks on the textural feel of your skin.

4. Burberry Velvet Foundation

This foundation has the gel application making it appropriate for anyone with an oily skin.Moreover it has a matte finish which gives the skin a flawless and a smooth foundation. This product appears to be the best with an additional rose extracts that nourishes your skin as it reduces the shine.

5. Clarins Ever

Clarins Ever

Clarins Ever has proved to be the solution to the oily skin. It has a smooth finish whose purpose is to tighten the pores. It is used for all types of skins but it works best to those with oily skin. This foundation is meant to maintain the skin all through with no signs of wear.

6. Shiseido Perfect Refining

This foundation works best in refining the pores. It contains the semi-matte finish which makes it to be light. It works well with photographs and it’s very smooth. It hides acnes scars together with the large pores while giving a light and natural appearance to the skin.


In a nut shell these foundations for oily skin have really made people proud. People have been fooled in the past that the foundations clog the skin but it’s not true. These products act as savior by minimizing individuals’ facial shiny nature. They also contribute greatly to the texture of people’s skins. Oily skinned people should always look for the foundations with matte finish that will act immediately to cub their problem.


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