Win the Dating Game! Learn the 4 Secrets of Attraction


The dating game is now very complicated. There are certain rules you should be aware of and follow in order to get the upper hand and have better chances of finding the best mate. However, to get the best chances in winning the dating game, you should also be aware of the secrets of attraction. Here are some of these secrets:


Secret #1: Be the Centre of Attention

Secrets of Attraction

Capture his Interest! According to several studies, where you are in the room and what you are doing is connected to your ability to attract the opposite sex. This is one of the best kept secrets of attraction that was only discovered recently. This means that you should be at the center of the room moving around or mingling with other people. In nightclubs or bars, the best place is at a corner of the room where you are more noticeable.

Secret #2: Wear the Right Color

The color of your clothes can help you attract the opposite sex. Color is definitely one of the secrets of attraction that you can use for dating success. For example, studies indicate that women are attracted to men wearing the color blue. This equates to being faithful, stable and constant. On the other hand, men are attracted to the color red which is known as the color of seduction. Red is also the most sensual compared to all the colors. Remember that yellowish green is indicated as the most unattractive color that usually repels both sexes.

Secret #3: Body Language

Confidence is one of the best secrets of attraction. However, this isn’t only about your confidence in speaking which can be faked easily. Body language is very important to show other people that you are confident. You can also use body language to repel people you don’t like and make yourself approachable to people you like. For men, it is vital to appear dominant to attract the opposite sex. Avoid slouching and hold your head up. Be an alpha male or just appear to be one.

Secret #4: Use Scents

According to studies, men associate the scents of vanilla and cinnamon with love. On the other hand, women are attracted to musky, black licorice scent or clean scents depending on personal preference. Aromatherapy experts also believe that the scent of cinnamon is an aphrodisiac for both males and females. Certain aromatic plants and herbs radiate oils similar to people’s pheromones or sexual secretions.

So there you have it! Strut your stuff and win the dating game!


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