How Can You Prevent Sunburn?


The amount of melanin cells determine the amount of melatonin, or pigment, your skin will have. Those who have fair skin will often have more problems with issues like sunburn. Sunburn is caused from overexposure to the sun’s UV rays, and is actually a type of radiation burn. Those with darker skin have greater amounts of melatonin pigment and these pigments actually protect from sunburn and instead tan. Your habits, genetics and environment dictate how well you tan or burn, but as a general rule of thumb, the lighter your skin tone, the more easily you will burn. Since some of the side effects of sunburn are uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous, it’s better to prevent sunburn in the first place.

How Can You Prevent Sunburn?

Some of the best ways to prevent sunburn are to stay out of the sun, wear heavy duty sunblock and wear protective clothing and hats. Women who are using certain types of skin lightening products will also need to use caution as this can instigate greater sun sensitivity. Most skin brightener reviews will warn you about going outside while using these products, so take heed.

Once you do have sunburn, you need to reduce the inflammation and pain with ice and rest. Once you are feeling better you can also begin to remove the redness of the skin. This can be done very well indeed with skin lighteners. Be sure to check out the skin brighteners reviews to see which ones worked well on actual sunburned skin as opposed to simple darks spots. This will help you find a product that works well for your situation.

Skin brightener reviews will warn you about products that can irritate the skin, and pay particular care to avoid these when you have sunburn, as it could cause more problems than you already have. Be sure to use these brighteners cautiously and try it on a test area first. It usually takes a few days for the redness to fade, and depending on the amount of sun exposure you got, it could take several months so be patient.

Next time, don’t forget your hat and sunscreen. You can get sunburn on a cloudy day as well as a sunny day so be vigilant about protecting your skin from exposure to harmful amounts of UV rays. Those with fair skin will usually require a higher SPF sunblock than those with darker skin.


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