The Best Wedding Trends Being Followed in 2016


A magical, lovely beautiful and above all a romantic wedding is every girl’s dream. Weddings have become popular and creating a unique environment and atmosphere that best suit your friends and family has been one of the leading trends. Passage of time however brings about new ideas and trends. Couples now, come up with their own ideas and this has lead to several trends in the wedding industry. Here are some of the wedding trends to be followed this year.

1. Personalization


In the past, weddings were all about recognition, glamour and suitability. Today, weddings are all about personal satisfaction and gratification; family and friends and how to offer special appreciation to all the people in the couple’s lives. Personalization willcreate uniqueness.People including the couple tend to be wowed by new and interesting weddings.

Home cooked flavors indicate the degree of personalization that couples today have. Having home prepared food like snacks, grandmas specially prepared and homemade jam has provided the best guest treatment in any wedding. This is a trend that is expected to increase in the coming year.

2. Space

Wedding spaces have always been an issue in every wedding. Space includes a lot of factors: brightness; preference has been shifted to bright spaces that are natural in nature creating an elegant theme, ensures ambience guaranteeing a romantic mood, creating the couple’s dream place and better view of all the décor in the wedding. Sitting arrangements are set to move from the round to rectangular sitting styles and table arrangements; increases the level of socialization and creates an intimate reception theme.

3.Wild Look

Wild Look

Couples are now opting for wild look as opposed to glamour. This is to be achieved through the use of freshly picked wild flowers depending on the locality and the season. Use of leather; contrast the romantic moods and themes generated by many wedding settings and rustic ranches that create the wild look: cowhide rugs and mats, distressed wood lounges, food stations e.g. hanging donuts or salad stations etc. the wild look is aimed creating a homey venue that is elegant and sophisticated however simple it looks.
The use of metallics and sequins has increased in the year due to their versatility. Metallics offer the best and the most adaptable materials for use anyhow and for any purpose creating your most desired look.

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4.Celebrity Inspiration

Celebrity inspired weddings including wedding dresses and men’s wear will increase. Theycreate a playful, dressed down and an on edge looks; bold confident and satisfied look on the couple. Accessories for the looks are also on the trend and change with passing time.



Wedding venues are mostly hotels and gardens. Couples this year will tend to have the most unexpected wedding venues e.g. caves, castles, museums etc. The venues will require little or no decorations. These are replacing the traditional wedding looks.


Creativity and resourcefulness will be required in the following year in order to realize the dreams of all couples in regards to their weddings. Personalization will lead to closer relations between the wedding planners and the couple; couples give the directions and their needs and wants and it is the responsibility of the wedding planner to fulfil those needs. Wedding planners should therefore be prepared for new eventualities in the coming year.

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