Winter Destinations: 3 Places Every Couple Should Visit During Winter


Holidays is the time for big parties, reuniting with family, reconnecting with old friends and simply finding just about any reason to throw a feast in the merriest season of all. If you feel like doing something a little bit cozier, whether extravagantly or, on a budget, with your better half or the entire family, nothing beats spending the holidays in top winter destinations – and, you don’t have to go outside of the US to enjoy snowy mountains in the background.

Here are 3 of the most coveted winter destinations you should consider spending your holidays in this December:

1. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City

Can any other place beat the Christmas spirit you can enjoy in this city reputed for having the happiest, friendliest people you can find in any urban community in America? So, if you want to be greeted with warm morning smiles and “Merry Christmas” greetings by complete strangers the minute you step out in the streets, this is the place to be.

While you’re there, go skiing and skating about at the Cherry Peak. If you’re staying in the city, you can still go skating right where world records in skating, including figure skating, have been set and beat many times over, at the Utah Olympic Oval. Make it a holiday treat for the kids by visiting the Discovery Gateway Museum and the Megaplex Theater.

2. Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming

Yellow Stone National Park

Go where many of the most historical geological finds have been unearthed. You’ve seen plenty of the scenery when everything around seems hot and deserted. What you’ll probably be surprised to know is that it’s also a cool winter getaway – literally.

Rent a lodge and enjoy the remoteness of the region as you spend your evenings and wake up to snowcapped mountains. Make sure to ask locals for advise before deciding to go out in the wilderness. This region is reported to house more animals than humans.

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3. Berkshires, Massachusetts


This is the top winter wonderland to spend Christmas riding a sleigh! Snowboarding and skiing are also top activities in this cold, sleepy town. Don’t be duped by the seeming wilderness, cold and snow, because the communities in Berkshires are beaming with life.

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Visit the area’s famous museums to brush up on your history. You should squeeze in a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Norman Rockwell Museum. For the more adventurous members of your pack, the Notchview Reservation has a unique cross country skiing to offer. Many hardcore skiers travel here to experience this activity. If you want to be more of a spectator, there are regular figure skating shows to see too.


More than anything else, Holidays should be spent with the people you love and care for the most. Before rushing off where the sun still shines when winter season sets in, consider for a minute to experience the cold, winter season in these three destinations where the holiday season spirit is very much alive and freely shared.

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