Best Workout Trick and Tips for Calorie Burning


The Best Calorie Burning Workout Tricks – Know the Secrets of the Pro!

Best Workout Trick and Tips for Calorie BurningBecause of science and the extensive research on exercise and weight loss, people are now smarter when it comes to exercising and burning calories. Sometime ago, people just exercised for very long periods daily in order to burn the maximum amount of calories possible and lose weight quickly. This strategy is already obsolete since researches indicate that there are other ways to exercise smarter. Here is a compilation of the best calorie burning workout tricks:

Interval Training

This is known as one of the best calorie burning workout tricks. Interval training is done by doing cardiovascular exercise alternating periods of high intensity and low intensity. It starts with a warm-up period of about five minutes followed by one to two minutes of high intensity alternated with one to two minutes of low-intensity.

The alternation of high and low intensity is to be performed fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the capability of the person. There are many ways to modify this training method like increasing duration of high intensity period. This type of training can be done using cardiovascular machines (stationary bike, elliptical trainer, treadmill, rowers) or when jogging or hiking. Aside from the calorie burning benefits, this is also very effective in improving cardiovascular health.

Circuit Weight Training or Circuit Training

This is also one of the best calorie burning workout tricks. Its effects are amazing because of the combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise which is very important in burning fat. This is not just for men but also for women who want to burn a lot of calories while toning their bodies. Circuit training is done by performing weight training exercises for different body parts one after the other with minimal or no rest in between.

Taking the Stairs or Walking

Most people don’t realize that taking the stairs or going for quick walks can burn off a significant amount of calories. By simply taking the stairs instead of using the elevator/escalator and walking instead of driving you can burn 50 – 100 calories a day. A span of five days lets you burn a total of 500 calories! These small amounts can add up quickly, allowing weight to come off faster than you expected.

Weight Training

This is one of the most common overlooked best calorie burning workout tricks especially with women. Weight training increases metabolism for up to 48 hours after a workout so it burns a lot of calories. Also, adding muscle increases the amount of calories burned by the body. This is why weight training is very important in weight loss programs of men and women alike.

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Best Workout Trick and Tips for Calorie Burning


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