The Billboard Music Award 2016- Taylor Swift Walks away with 8 Awards


Taylor swift was crowned the best artist in the Billboard Music Awards where she received eight wins. In addition, she also won the top female artist and the top album; Billboard 200. However, in the same event, famous musician Kanye West was booed by the audience as he made his performance to close the event. On the same Sunday night, Taylor Swift also won the top female artist and the top album; Billboard 200

On her speech, she said what a great night it was for her. She had watched her brother graduate and thus presented the gift to anyone who was graduating. To her, receiving the awards was part of her graduation.

Kanye West was however booed, maybe for his smoky performance. When introducing the rapper, Kylie Jenner referred to her as a doctor, who had earned that doctorate from an Art institute of Chicago.

Taylor kissed her boyfriend

Taylor kissed her boyfriend on the cheeks giving him a hug at the Grand Arena. She sat close to the DJ and kicked off awards by debuting an action music video; bad blood that Lena Dunham and Selena Gomez showcases Taylor as the fighting vixen.

At the opening of the movie, Selena Gomez and Taylor swift were fighting men, then started fighting each other. In the end, Gomez’s army and Swift’s army, went head to head. Ellen Pompeo, MariskaHargitay, Hayley William, Ellie Goulding and Jessica Abba were the other stars that featured in the clip.

Taylor made a swap of the very two first verses with other new from Kendrick Lamar, a rapper for Bad blood. This song is rumoured to be more about her friendship with artist Katy Perry. She told the audience of how excited she was to get an opportunity to show the universe.

One direction, that recently reduced to four persons, took the night’s first of the top group. Liam Payne acknowledged Zayn Malik who had since left the group as the person who they deserved to share the gift with him. This team also scooped the best touring artist award.The top rap song award went to Iggy Azalea. Nick Young, her boyfriend was filled with emotions as she took the award. Azalea also scooped the best rap artist and screaming artist.

Mariah Carey

In her first performance, Van Halen moved the audience with a 1984 hit panama. Popular artist, Mariah Carey, presented her hit song, Vision of Love. She then followed it with another track, The Infinity; in this she also struggled, but in the end she climaxed with a stronger note.

Britney Spears proved energetic in her single performance, Pretty Girls, with a black suit alongside Azalea. Zendaya and Taylor sang along and Nicki Minaj mainly did the dancing part. Nicki rarely rapped or sung, rather she relied on backing track.

Meghan Trainor made a duet performance with John Legend

Meghan Trainor made a duet performance with John Legend. Both she and her friend were teary on the stage. Her friend Charlie Puth, a collaborator sang alongside Wiz Khalifa on See You Again earlier on the show.

Other artists who performed were, Chris Brown with Pitbull, Faith Hill with Little Big Town and Ed Sheeran. Chrissy Teigen and Ludacris were the hosts; they offered jokes to cheer up the crowd.

The lead nomine of the event was Swift; she had 14 nominations. Some of the awards made it to broadcast while others did not. Smith who had won the top male artist did not attend the event, due to the vocal injury that he had. His speech was aired via video.


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