Bizarre Celebrity Hair Colors


When it comes to beauty insight, celebrities inevitably are the A-list for inspiration and motivation for the rest of us. However, even they have been known to make major beauty blunders. Look at all of the celebrities who, for one reason or another, choose to dye their hair with every color of a rainbow! These bizarre hair colors should give you a lesson on which color experiments to stay far away from before committing such a beauty faux-paux.

Avril LavignePixie Geldof

Before you make up your mind to undergo a radical makeover that includes a vibrant or loud hair color, think long and hard about what it is you are planning to do. Take a look at any celebrity magazine or anywhere online at those celebrities who have, for reasons we will never quite understand, chosen a bizarre and unusual hair color. Many of these odd hair colors should be banned from every salon around the world!

Green Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

Another hair color celebrities have oddly enough chosen to shock us with is their green hair color choice.But celebrities Pixie Geldof and Avril Lavigne seem oblivious to how ridiculous they look or, more likely, just do not care.

Cher LloydJaime Winstone

Pink Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

“What on earth were they thinking?” is the first thing that I thought of when I saw some pictures.Jaime Winstone,Cher Lloyd,and Diana Argon are among celebrities who have dared to dye their hair a very flamboyant and loud pink color.What is even more disgraceful is they dared expose it to the world.

Diana Argon Juliette Lewis

Blue Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

Kate Bosworth and Juliette Lewis don’t lag far behind Pixie and Avril in their bizarre decision to choose a blue color choice for their hair

Make sure you look at other celebrity hair disasters before you make that appointment to do something to your hair that you would most definitely regret later. While celebrities may look ridiculous with random colors of the rainbow in their hair, odds are they are capable of pulling this trend off much easier than the rest of us, even temporarily.

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