Halloween Bloody Winged Eyeliner Makeup which is Beautiful and Haunting


The negative space eyebrow trend may be a bit creepy but it is still not as Halloween-worthy as this new eyebrow trend!

If you are looking for Halloween eye makeup ideas that are stylish, sexy, and beautiful but also a little bit bloody, twisted, and out of the ordinary, you are going to love the bloody winged eyeliner!

After the spiderwoman Halloween makeup , the bloody winged liner is a new trend in the bloody makeup effects department.

Like eyebrow microblading for people who can’t grow eyebrows, this is heaven-sent for people who are willing to join in the fun but are not willing to commit or do not have the skills and talent to do a full-on makeup.

For eyeliner makeup hacks and more info about this look and on how to do it, check out the next sections of this article!

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What Is The Halloween Bloody Eyeliner?

The Halloween makeup ideas now includes the bloody winged eyeliner, a relatively new makeup trend that involves drawing the very popular cat eye but with a touch of gore.

Instead of plain old black eyeliner, however, you also use a bloody red product to fill it in or add gory details and bold mascara for this bleeding eyes makeup tutorial to make the eyes pop and look more freaky. Some artists also use white eyeliner for an extra flair.

There are many ways on how to do Halloween eye makeup. Depending on how you choose to do it, this look is absolutely wearable to Halloween costume parties or formal gatherings. If you also ever happen to forget your costume or the event itself and need a quick savior, this look is a great go-to.

With the right tools and dedication, a few minutes with only a few basic colors of eye makeup or face paint will make you belong but also stand out in a zombie or ghost-filled Halloween crowd.

Step-by-step Instructions on How to do the Bloody Winged Eyeliner

So, without further ado, here are the materials that you will need based on BeautybyShaq’s very helpful and detailed vlog on how to do the bloody winged eyeliner.

  • A small spatula.
  • A metal or plastic paint palette.
  • 3rd-degree silicone modeling compound or you could also use some cotton, liquid latex, or wax and some Prosaide adhesives or spirit gum adhesive (This is to add volume and a gory effect to the eyelids similar to prosthetics.)
  • Black and red eyeliner or cream paint (you could also use face paint such as Mehron Paradise face and body paint). Check out this article to help you find the best liquid eyeliners for beginners.
  • Concealer for eyes.
  • Blood paste or gel (You can buy this or make your blood paste, but in her tutorial, @BeautybyShaq used Ben Nye thick blood paste or gel)
  • Ben Nye Master bruise wheel makeup palette or you could opt to use cream paints in the same or similar hues.
  • Any pigmented Halloween eye-shadow palette.

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What You Need To Do:

Step 1. If you are using 3rd-degree silicone modeling compound, it has two components: a brown one and a white, pasty one. Mix thoroughly equal parts of components A and B in a metal palette using your spatula. Then, you will have about ten minutes to work this mixture onto your eyelids before it hardens. So, you may want to mix small amounts at a time.

Step 2. Start by applying some of the silicone compound mixture under the bottom lash line nearest to the outer corner of the eyes. If using cotton, apply a thin layer of adhesive, then layer some fibers over it. Repeat this until you come up with your desired thickness. Make sure that you can still open your eyes comfortably and that it is not too heavy. For liquid latex and wax, it is much easier because you only have to apply it directly on and around your lids like the silicone compound. Do any of this carefully to make sure that no product gets into your actual eye, which can cause irritation.

Step 3. Then, use whatever product you are using to outline your eyes from the half of your bottom lash line towards the outer eye corners. Use this to make the “wing”. Extend the “wing” longer outward and upward if you want a more dramatic look. You can go for something that looks like a wound or cut on the eyelids if you want something scary and twisted. Apply several coatings until the line is as perfect as you want it to be.

Step 4. Then, once you’re satisfied, allow the product to dry a little. Once partially dry, you can now remove any excess product.

Step 5. The 3rd-degree silicone modeling compound is soluble in alcohol. So, you can use small amounts of alcohol on your finger or spatula to blend out the edges and remove some of the product. I also use this as an eye makeup removal. Wait for about ten minutes until this layer is completely dry.

Step 6. Then, take your concealer and apply this on top of your lids and the winged outline so that everything matches your skin tone.

Step 7. Grab your eyeshadow palette and use your preferred shade of brown eyeshadow on the “wound” and above it. Blend this upward and outward. Use the same shade under the eyes and the wing.

Step 8. Then, take some red eyeliner or red cream color that you have. Apply this on the eyelid’s crease as well as on the bottom of the eye. Blend the same way as the brown eyeshadow, up and out. This will give an illusion of a hurt or irritated eye, which is the look that you’re going for.

Step 9. Take a dark blue hue of eyeshadow and apply this inside and below the wound.

Step 10. Then, use a black cream pencil or eyeliner to line the water line and the inside of the wound. Use an eyeshadow brush to blend everything together.

Step 11.

Bleeding Eyes

Then, using a tiny brush or spatula, apply the blood paste little by little onto the inside of the wound on top of the upper lash line as well as on the bottom of the lash line. Fill in the wing with blood as well. Be extra careful in doing this to avoid getting anything in your eyes. Thick blood gel or paste works great because it stays where you put it. Liquid blood may run into your eyes, which can damage them.

Step 12.

Halloween Eye Makeup

Then, pop on some Fake eyelashes or apply your favorite mascara for a darker, bolder look. Better yet, naturally grow thicker, longer eyelashes with eyelash enhancers such as the Feg eyelash enhancer.

And that’s it! You’re done! After your eyelids, you can now go and paint the town red!

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Now that’s what I call creepy with a vavavoom! Aside from probably eyebrow microblading, this bloody winged eyeliner is one of the best eye makeup looks that will definitely make you feel sexy and fierce without being over the edge eccentric during this season! But no matter how fun it is to get all dolled (or vamped!) up for Halloween, you should not forget to protect your skin from all the Halloween makeup and face paint that you will be using.


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