Blue Eyes: An Eye Makeup Tips Tutorial


When you have blue eyes, you should do everything you can to bring out their unique beauty and shimmer. Good blue eye makeup is usually made up of the shades, tones and colors that make blue eyes pop, look more intriguing, and dance in both sun and moonlight.

Blue EyesBlue Eyes

Your skin complexion should be taken into consideration when you are selecting your blue eye makeup. If you have fair skin, and pale blue eyes, you should stay within a lighter color palette. Intense colors will look very strange on you, and will cause you to look overly made up and trashy. When you are selecting makeup, you also want to take your personality and mood into consideration. You should have several color palettes to choose from because you never know what demands your day or evening will hold.

Brown EyelashesBrown Eyelashes

When it comes to blue eyes, it should not be hard to find makeup that will compliment your look. If you have blond, or very pale brown eyelashes, you want to make sure that you only wear brown eyeliner or mascara. Black will be overwhelming. If that’s the look you’re going for, then that’s fine, but just be prepared for the reactions of other people that don’t find the look attractive.

Blue Eyed Beauties Blue Eyed Beauties

Some blue eyed beauties are fortunate enough to have dark lashes. Naturally dark lashes add dimension and mystery to your eyes. Unlike many women with blue eyes, you can wear dark liner and mascara with confidence. Only wear darker colors and shades of makeup if your eyes are darker blue, and your skin coloring is darker.

It is also important to keep in mind that intensity and tone play a part in color. There are hundreds of shades of pink, purple, red etc. Just because one shade isn’t right for you, doesn’t mean that none of them are. Also, keep in mind, just because you find a suggested list of colors for your coloring and blue eye shade, does not mean that those are the only colors you can wear. Take the time to do research in several places and visit some local makeup counters for ideas.

Eye Makeup Tips TutorialEye Makeup Tips Tutorial


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