Brave Medical Journey of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Double MastectomyAngelina Jolie Double Mastectomy

The 37 year old, mother of six and humanitarian recently revealed that she had to undergo double mastectomy. The reason states that she was having “faulty” BRCA1 gene; which increases her risk to get breast cancer by 87%. She already lost her mother Marcheline Bertrand, 56 to ovarian cancer.

This mutated gene also increased her chance to develop ovarian cancer to 50%; this made her plan to remove ovaries. Doctor recommends undergoing this surgery to remove ovaries before age of 40 to prevent the risk of cancer.

Earlier this February, she had undergone double mastectomy and a reconstruction surgery on 27th April. Her dad was still in dark about this mastectomy.

According to some sources she is doing quite well and coping bravely in this challenging time.

Angelina Jolie Double Mastectomy

Insiders tell that life has been normal for her and Pitt’s children as the couple kept up traditions even though when Jolie was undergoing treatment.

Brad Pitt quoted her decision to be “Absolutely Heroic”; going public about this news will definitely create awareness amongst women. Many celebs have applauded her decision on twitter.

Her children often asked her if she might die of cancer like her mother. But now she could reassure them not to fear about losing her.

She is truly brave to reveal this news in public. She quoted on New York Times,” I wanted to encourage every woman to seek information and expert advice to help with this aspect of life”.

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