5 Outstanding Bridal Footwear To Complete Your Bridal Look


Weddings mark significant milestones in people’s lives.It’s always treated as an extra special day, not only by the bride and the groom and their respective families but also by everyone included in the entourage and guest list.The bride, most of all, is hands on with every step and aspect of the preparations. Among the most challenging for her to pick out are her dress and shoes.

If you’re getting hitched and still have not made up your mind what shoes to wear, below are five select bridal foot wear that will suit every possible wedding theme:

1. Strictly Formal Wedding

Strictly Formal Wedding

If you’ve decided to go through a more traditional marriage ceremony then, it’s likely you’ve asked all the gentlemen to be in suit and tie, and the ladies to be in their long gowns. To match the theme, it’s only right that you should wear formal shoes. For a more relaxed pair of toes, ankle strapped sandals or peep toe heels are your best choices. Now that’s settled, you have to make up your mind whether you’re going for a satin or glittery shoes.

2. Casual Wedding

Casual Wedding

Chances are you’ll be wearing a wedding dress instead of a wedding gown. When it comes to your shoes, therefore, you have more room to play around. Since it’s likely your toes will be showing most of the time, you will want to invest on a unique, ornate pair of shoes that will be a standout. That includes shoes with rhinestones or sandals with huge flowers or any unique accent.

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3. Beach wedding

Beach Wedding

Don’t attempt to wear heels! Your only choice is to be in flats so make it count. Choose a pair that’s beaded or made with precious stones to adorn your toes. Another sexy alternative would be to go barefoot and put on anklets but, it’s still better to have a thin plate of soles there to protect your feet.

4. Street Style Wedding

Street style wedding

Anything goes! You can even be in a wedding gown and wear your Chuck Taylor’s. It really depends on the kind of theme that you have in mind. Although the feel is street style, you can put on a unique pair of shoes just to up the trend. If you still want that feminine touch, put on shoes with sparkles. Make sure your shoes match your outfit.

5. Outdoors Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

If you’ll be walking around rocky paths all day, your primary consideration must be comfort and convenience, other than style. A wedged espadrille will be a good choice. If you’re getting wed in a farm, heck you can eve wear your booties!

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When it comes to bridal footwear, the choices can be tough but, you got to be smarter than stylish. Remember, you’re getting wed but, you will also be playing host plus, you’re going to want to be able to move with ease. So, make sure your shoes will permit you to do just that.

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