Bring It On with these Funky Hairstyles for Women


Funky hairstyles include a number of misconceptions that people tend to have about this kind of cut. After all, funky doesn’t mean that you need to have a Mohawk, dreadlock, or even a Chelsea hair. Also, there is no need to be either Goth or Emo.

Short and funky hairstyles for women

Funky Hairstyles

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In order to get a funky hairstyle you to know the rules, apply them, but also add your own flavor to them. Thus, in case you have straight hair, you can have them layered as well as include streaks of various colors. This is known as getting funky.

Some people also believe that funky hairstyles will not suit everyone. Even though there is a bit of truth in this, since only those who are brave enough to wear them can actually carry them with a great sense of style as well as confidence. Basically what this means is that anyone can have a funky hairstyle; whether you have a round or heart shape, or even if you have curly or even wavy hair.

Funky hairstyles refer to finding your own identity as well as creativity. You can even play around in the case of such hairstyles, as it is about getting into the latest fashion trends as well as having your own interpretations about these.

Tips on Having a Funky Hairstyle

Short Haircut Like Mohawk

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In case you wish to get a funky hairstyle, you need to follow the basic rule of throwing out the list of demographics in order to focus on your own. After all, this is a hairstyle that doesn’t choose people or race or even gender or age. All that you need to do is to let your creative energy flow and simply pour it in to your hair.

Also, you need to find a professional who can make all this come true for you. Some funky hairstyles may be quite difficult for you to accomplish on your own, which means that you will need someone else’s expertise.

Asymmetric Short Funky Hair

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Another common characteristic of any funky hairstyle will be a colored hair. These can be accomplished either on your own or even with a stylist. In case you want to do it on your own, you may buy a dye in your favorite salon. Ensure that the directions that are usually printed at the back of the box or product are followed to a T in order to avoid disaster. Better yet, you may even pick up a temporary dye so that you may remove it in case it doesn’t work out for you.

Short Funky Hairstyles

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You need to learn to experiment. In case you have curly hair, you may even cut your hair and have a very short length and then later, add some bobby pins, clips, or some other hair accessories which you like. Your straight hair can be given temporary waves or curls by using irons or any other hot appliance.

A big hair can be created with several spikes at excellent locations that will draw the attention of others to your hair and not to your weak features. A stylist can do this easily through backcombing, which will produce more volume into the hair.


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