Bun Hairstyles 2013: The Different Ways to Make a Bun


What is a bun? It is not the bun you eat for breakfast time but the bun we are referring to is the hairstyle. Bun hairstyles are also called bobtails. This type of hairstyle pulls the hair away from the face and ties it in the back. The tie can be twisted, plaited or wrapped around itself. Usually, women make a bun in the middle of the back of their heads or higher. If one wants a loose bun, this will lie on the back of the neck.

Bun Hairstyles 2012Bun Hairstyles 2012

Bun hairstyles can be secured with a bobby pin, hair net, scrunchy or hairpieces. They can be done in a more polished way for a formal look or a messy bun for a casual look. Messy buns are very popular today because of its laid-back style that can easily match any outfit. Women prefer a loose bun because securing a bun tightly can cause a headache.

Loose BunTwisted Bun

One of the bun hairstyles that are often done by women is the loose bun or what they call the ballet bun. This is the type of bun that ballet dancers do when they perform on stage. They use hairnets and bobby pins to make sure the bun is intact and looks neat. Any stray hair while dancing ballet doesn’t look presentable.

Plaited BunTwisted Bun

A bun that is popular in China is called the ox-horns bun. It is a double bun that looks like pigtails except they are on the top part of the head. Do you know Chun-Li from the arcade game Street Fighter? Her hair is styled with ox-horn buns. This type of hairstyle has been present since the past but is still present in the modern times. You’ll often see Chinese kids wearing this hairstyle.

Top Bun HairstyleSide Bun

The double bun that is popular in Japan is called the odango bun. This is another double bun but it contains pigtails. If you have seen the popular cartoon Sailor Moon, she is wearing an odango bun in her head.

Chignon Bun HairstyleOdango Hairstyle

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